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Found 8 results

  1. questions about registering a set up in the banks. 1. How do I set up the volume of keyboard vis-a-vis the auto accompaniment. I want the keyboard to play slightly louder than the auto accompaniment. 2. Can I change the instrument in the auto accompaniment, for example guitar chords instead of piano chords?
  2. So I found this gooey glue like substance that's wet under my keybed, I got my x9000IN just two days ago, but noticed this only today, it was visible in the gap between the keys and the fabric under it. Theres some drops of it undet the 5th octave keys. Is it normal or is it something the store did to it before selling it to me? Should I send it back? VID_20210118_121946.mp4
  3. Just got my CT-X9000IN ! The key action blew me away when I tried it at the store, I've played ctk-7200s and ctk-3200s at my music school, but this feels much softer. I hope the keys don't get noisy with time (welp). The voices are pretty amazing too, as I upgraded from a 4-octave keyboard. The aix chip does make a huge difference I guess, the grand (001)'s lowest octaves sound so much more... complete than the ctks. Started reading the user manual :), is there I way I can set the touch sensitivity level and some other functions so that it doesn't go to default when I turn the keyboard off and on? I saved in onto a registeration, but it would be nice if I could switch the default setting.
  4. After I selected one of the registraion banks I want to undo and go back to default settings(previously selected tone, effect settings etc) without turning off the keyboard. Pressing the selected registration bank button again doesn't do it.How do I do it?
  5. Q1. Registration button not saving microphone settings? Q2. Can we apply different types of availaible reverb(ex. Room, hall etc), chorus and delay effects on microphone also or it applies to tones only?
  6. There is no sustain button on ct-x9000in. How to turn on sustain
  7. Hi, I am a owner of CT-X9000in which I guess is similar to CT-X 5000. My Issue relates to the Casio's DataManager for CT-X. I am running on a MacBook, the application launches but cannot detect the connected keyboard. However, other software like GarageBand detects the keyboard and plays sounds, but the Casio's software does not. The default screen of the DataManager says "Powered by Qt". but I am unable to install the Qt source from the Casio's site (https://support.casio.com/en/support/download.php?cid=008&pid=1797 ). Anybody has any idea how to install the same? Thanks in advance. Regards Pankaj
  8. Is there a difference between recording from CTX's headphones output and two TS stereo outputs?
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