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Found 5 results

  1. Hi CTX3000 owner, do you hear speaker hiss when you put your ear close to the speaker? Mine speaker will hiss after turning on, even turn the volume to the minimum the hiss still exist. The hiss is not strong. I only hear it when the environment is quiet and my head is very close to the keyboard.
  2. Is there a way on how to play midi files (saved in a flashdrive) on casio ct-x3000? I tried to put the midi files in a folder named MUSICDAT but error.
  3. Hello, guys! My CTX3000 became a headache to me and it's new. Not even a year old yet. And I don't use it everyday. Before, every time I open it, beats automatically plays. When I went to the Casio Service Center, it was repaired. But then, few months later, it's happening again. I am very careful with my stuff that's why I know myself I didn't do anything to break it. Even the repairman said he doesn't know the cause because he observed that the keyboard is safely used. Can anyone tell me what's happening? Why does this keep on playing beats by itself when opened? And also, when that happens, I can't even control the buttons anymore. Even the power button. When I need to close it, I have to pull the plug out.
  4. Many people want to edit or import different tones to the keyboard from the computer, which is impossible. My idea is to make a petition for Casio to create software for creating and editing tones for the ctx line. What do you think?
  5. CTX3000 + Cake walk - all chords and Bass played manually
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