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Found 17 results

  1. Good afternoon everybody, I'm new in this forum and I need some advice from more expert people about my issue. On August 2020 I bought a Casio CDP-S100 digital piano. All fine, but on December I had to call the reseller for replacing it. The piano was stuck on sustain without holding the pedal. I tried every solution I found (Holding pedal while turning on, ecc., ecc., ecc.) but the piano seemed not to follow rational patterns... (It worked properly only randomly). On January arrived the replacement. All perfectly fine, but now the nightmare has come back. What's wrong with the keyboard? VID_20210223_112240.mp4
  2. My Casio Privia PX330 Digital Piano doesn't play the sound it should, instead it just plays some white noise and glitchy audio, This happens with all the soundfonts, with or without headphones on, but when I play audio from their speakers, they do sound normal and plays perfectly any audio, so the problem should be something going on inside the Preamp of the Piano I suppose? Video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K9frFyxwWOcWn3rDlsfAOcJYiDzUxk22/view?usp=drive_link
  3. Hello, guys! My CTX3000 became a headache to me and it's new. Not even a year old yet. And I don't use it everyday. Before, every time I open it, beats automatically plays. When I went to the Casio Service Center, it was repaired. But then, few months later, it's happening again. I am very careful with my stuff that's why I know myself I didn't do anything to break it. Even the repairman said he doesn't know the cause because he observed that the keyboard is safely used. Can anyone tell me what's happening? Why does this keep on playing beats by itself when opened? And also, when that happens, I can't even control the buttons anymore. Even the power button. When I need to close it, I have to pull the plug out.
  4. Hi Everyone! Its been about 4 months and my keyboard has been giving me problems. Specifically, the "B" note of the keyboard is sounding rather shrill and that's getting worse. I'm sure something's wrong with the speakers. Please help. Thanks in advance! Below attached is the sound recording that describes the issue. Voice Capture 011.m4a
  5. Hello, I am a new member here. I own a PX-760 that is about three years old now. I've no issues encountered with it before, even with the headphone jack. A few days ago, however, as I was playing with my usual earphones in an adapter, the sound suddenly cut off. I was surprised because I could hear through the headphones perfectly well moments prior, and then I couldn't all of a sudden. I unplugged the adapter and plugged it again, but no sound came out of the earphones. I even tried wiggling the earphones just in case its contact with the adapter was not good. Still, no sound came. The sounds work fine with the external speakers. Playing with earphones/headphones is really important to me, as I could play without disturbing anyone late in the night. I've no idea how to assess this issue. I was hoping if anyone could help me. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello buds! As I love my Privia, I have some software problems from time to time, but till now I managed. It has changed unfortunately... I used 'search' option but nothing seemed to fit my problem - my Privia stopped saving settings. It saves MIDI with no problem, Audio is ok too. I discovered the problem while trying to save some of my fav sound settings into the bank - they don't save anymore. The message that is has been saved occures, but it doesnt save. The 'auto resume' option also doesn't work, mainly because Privia won't save the setting as 'ON' and resets to 'OFF'after restarting. So, basically I end up with clear, factory settings each time I turn on my piano. I did 'reset to factory settings', but it didn't help (and I managed to forget about 80 MIDI saved tracks I wanted to keep... hah, stupid me xD) Any ideas? Is there a way to update the software or so?
  7. Casio PX-135 There is noise when you press on almost any keys. Turning on - turning off the piano sometimes fixes the problem. But not now. Changing the volume changes the volume of the noise. When starting pre-installed persets - noise is played to the melody. Not under warranty. There are no service centers in my country. Please, help! Sorry for my bad english.
  8. Hi, since december I have a mal functioning usb-midi to pc connection. In device manager under computer in windows 7, it states it finds the casio-midi but has installed a microsoft driver. In my software i.e. audacity and anvil studio, it cannot find the casio-midi gate..... How to get and install the proper driver??? 6.1.7601.18208 12-7-2013 Microsoft is the driver that is installed now. (Casio PX-560M) In contrast how easy it was to connect my new Behringer mixer usb-midi output and input!
  9. This one has me completely stumped - I use my PX-5S as a controller and live instrument. The internal sounds are functioning great. I've got plenty of velocity curve to play with and can produce quite expressive sounds on a slightly tweaked Concert Piano Stage Setting. However, I've recently noticed that the sounds produce by PropellerHead Reason (some synths and a few pianos) feel muffled and muted as compared to when I use a different controller. And, oddly, when I hold down the sustain pedal, the sounds in Reason return to being clear, bright, and significantly louder. Here's what I've tried: 1. I tried numerous different custom and purchased patches in Reason. They are all exhibiting this problem. Therefore, I think it's the PX-5S. 2. I've tried a number of different stage settings on the PX-5S to see if it was something I accidentally triggered - nope. It occurs on a lot of them, even ones I didn't build or fiddle with. 3. I've tried different USB cables. Still does this. 4. I've disabled the internal sounds (local control) on the PX-5S. Didn't help. 5. I've disabled High Resolution Output. Didn't help. Other than my PX-5S is malfuntioning, any ideas guys? I can still use it to control Synths and Pads, as they are much easier to control with longer attacks, but this problem has made playing a midi piano of any kind impossible. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi there. The pedal doesn't work on my Privia PX-360M. When the pedal is not connected, there is full, non-stop sustain, and when the pedal is connected, there is no sustain. I've tried booting it up with the pedal disconnected, connected, pressed down, untouched, everything. How can I fix it? Hannah
  11. Hi! I have a problem with my new LK-280. I can't seem to be able to play the songs I put on my SD Card. I've put the midi files in the right folder, as you are supposed to do. However, whenever I try to play the songs my keyboard tells me there are no files on the SD card. I've tried downloading midi files from several different sites, but it still won't work. Anyone knows why this is happening? And how I could fix it?
  12. Called Casio support last week with two questions. They were not able to answer either, but promised to have tier 2 support call me in 24-48 hours, "depending how busy they were". Never receive a call back. So, I just purchased this unit last week and will return it if the service remains this unresponsive. Meanwhile, maybe some kind soul here knows the answer to my questions. 1) Midi selections play fine on the MZ-X500 when driven by my PC using VanBosco music player; USB cable connection. The same file plays incorrectly when loaded from the USB device into keyboard memory. The rhythm track in particular is always wrong, playing a voice vs a drum set. My assumption is the keyboard is misinterpreting the track info. Fixes? 2) Should the SMF Converter program be able to send its data to the keyboard through the USB cable? When I try this, the PC error message states the keyboard can not be found. I've loaded the indicated Windows 8.1 driver. Thoughts? Thanks in advance! Chris
  13. Hello to the forum! I'm new and happy user of this awesome Casio Privia PX-5S digital piano, yet during my analysis of instruction and following its steps on instrument I found a probable malfunction. I hope it's treatable without servicing, that's why I first ask for your help. What's the problem? It looks like my USB port (numered in basic instruction as 48, that on the front, not 49 on the back) don't see or recognize any drive I'm plugging in. What I do is entering some usb stick (I tried ADATA S102 32GB USB 3.0 and memory of my MP3 player which I offen use as a pendrive: Creative MuVo TX 512mb ), and waiting for response. 30 seconds are passing, 1 minute is passing and there is none, no "Mounting media" information, no "reading" or something like that. Pressing, or holding longer Audio Recorder button gives me "Error / No Media / Press Exit" response. As instruction goes, both drivers were formated on my computer to FAT32 system by full, not shortened format function. What is interesting memory sticks signalize their connection, problem exist by the side of casio. I don't know how to check version of my instrument's OS, and fear that without USB connection won't be able to update it. If anything, I have that square USB type B cable to input to the back of the casio. Any ideas?
  14. Hi,This is my first post so welcome everybody. Recently I've bought PX-780 for my son. Soon I've discovered strange and very annoying issue. For no reason, without pressing pedal or any function keys suddenly the sustain is on. Sometimes it happens after few whiles of playing or just after playing few notes. Sometimes it doesn't happen. And it's really hard to turn off. Obviously it makes playing very unpleasant and hard, it's just not fun it should be. Of course I've made reset view times but it didn't help. When I've asked Casio support they only told me to send instrument to service. I understand that, but it's not a pair of shoes and idea of dismantling it, protecting, packing and sending makes me sick. So if anybody have some ideas i would really appreciate this.
  15. So i just bought my Casio PX-5s and I am having some trouble loading patches that i downloaded from this website. I have them all in the left list (PC user data files) but when i drag them over into the instrument list it asks if I want to replace stage setting already on the piano. I'm worried that means I will be overwriting stock sounds/settings which I definitely don't want to do. I was hoping there would be a seperate section for me to drag these custom patches or stage settings. Yes i have read the editor manual btw. Page 16 onwards was helpful but still didn't enlighten me on this matter. I guess I don't understand the interface too well yet. Any help would be appreciated Michael
  16. Has anyone else experienced a problem with the sound output from the left speaker of the Privia px-750 when you hit the B key one octave down from center (16th white key from the left)? It buzzes quite badly-- the sound vibrates way too powerfully and causes dissonant overtones. I don't know how to describe it exactly. If you have this model in a quiet room, try it out and see if you have the same issue. Play a few chords going down the line until you hit that one B key. It should be quite jarring. I bought this piano brand new and since it's under warranty I called the service center. They replaced it with a brand new piano. The new piano has the exact same problem on the exact same key. Even weirder, on both the first and the second piano, the problem key sounds perfectly fine when you use headphones. Clearly this is a problem in how sound is modulated through the speaker for that particular sound sample. I called Casio support but they refuse to help out, saying that I should take it to a service center. I already took it to the service center and they say that if every piano has the same problem then it's just how these pianos are and there's nothing they can do. Am I the only one who noticed that the sound is way off on that one key? If anyone else has noticed this and figured out what to do about it, I'd appreciate some help. Maybe it's a software issue? Maybe there is a way to recalibrate that one key? HELP! I can't play the piano if it sounds like this!
  17. Hello. Ive bought a brand new casio px-5s(we) model not long ago, and its great. But i have an issue: when i record phrase for egz. in bass. i press play phrase, and everything looks good, BUT when im editing song, and add the phrase i recorded before (in egz. bass), the phrase plays in piano only! no matter if i used drums/bass/ electric piano/ etc. while recording.. when song, it ALLWAYS plays in piano ONLY! i dont really know what to do (i red all the manual and tried all i could think off)... any ideas why? and how to fix it? help would be REALLY appreciated, thanks! p.s. that thing in sys rec setting is on (dont remember what its called :/)
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