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Found 7 results

  1. My Privia PX-330 is a half step off (Bb=440Mhz). Panel Lock and Setting Backup are both turned off. The manual instructions for a factory reset (hold tone and function buttons while turning keyboard on) don't work (Display reads "please wait" for hours on end.) Anyone got any ideas? I suppose I could set the keyboard to transpose a half step and store the settings but that's a band-aid. I'm hoping one of you has the cure.
  2. Hi, I just got a WK-7500, I like it a lot, but I soon realized that when I power it up, it is a whole step high. The tuning indicates 440, and when I use the transpose to correct it, it shows "00", I use transpose to correct it, and change it to "-02", then everythign is fine, until I power down and power back up. What is going on? Thanks in advance, Steve
  3. On the PX-5s, can I assign the transpose function to a slider? I want to avoid the button presses normally used to transpose / change keys, to make it easier to transpose quickly on the fly (like the dedicated transpose button on the PX-560). For example, if the slider starts in the middle position, moving it up one notch would transpose + 1 half-step; or moving it down one notch would transpose -1 half-step. If the PX-5s transpose feature can be assigned to a slider, how would I do it? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all, I'm learning to use my recently acquired wk7600. For a certain song I tried to use auto-accompaniment in combination with the full-range chord method (to have access to all notes on the keyboard). However, because the song features some ultra-low notes, I need to transpose the keyboard an octave down so I can reach those. Unfortunately, this also transposes the auto-accompaniment an octave down which makes it close to unusable (it makes sense to transpose auto-accomp if you only transpose a few semi-tones, but that's a different use case from mine). I've been looking on this forum and in the manual, but so far not much luck. Given the vast number of features this keyboard offers there may be some advanced expert trick that I missed on first reading to still make it possible? So here's the quesiton: Is there a way or a setting to only transpose the played notes but not the auto-accomp? (Or something else that has the same effect, like e.g. a way to only transpose the auto-accomp back up after transposing everything down). One reason why I'd be surprised if it weren't possible: I noticed in the manual that one can choose if alternate tunings should be applied also to autoaccomp, so I'd find it weird if it were possible for an exotic feature like tuning, but not for transposition. Thanks for your insights.
  5. Hi, Not sure if I'm in the correct space. I'm looking to record a phrase that I can use as a base line. Need it to both loop and transpose as I'm playing. I can't seem to figure this out. Any help is appreciated. Thank you,
  6. Hi, I have problems with the step sequencer (sorry, if there are answers available already; I couldn*t find it): 1) If I create a sequence in "Solo1", it is played as created, but then I would like to change the notes using the sliders. If I do this, the notes are only changed e.g. in octave steps or in half tone steps (as I want it) but only in an octave "far away" from the original tone. How can I change and configure that? 2) If I want to use the Master Slider to change the octave of a sequence in Solo1, nothing happens! What may be the mistake here? How can I use this feature? Thank you for any help. Regards reuel
  7. I've been setting up registration memory on the PX-350 in order to store transpose and/or octave shift values for various transposing instruments (for example, Baritone Sax: Octave shift = -1, Transpose = -9). When I change the tone back to, let's say, Grand piano concert, the octave shift and transpose values persist. Is there any way, other than using the function controls (tedious) or turning the px-350's power off and on (awkward), to easily return the octave shift and transpose values back to default?
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