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  1. Grand Piano sound (sample) issue

    Power on while simultaneously holding the [TONE] and [FUNCTION] buttons.
  2. How do you use YOUR PX-5S?

    I would be very interested to hear how this works out. I also have a PX-3 and V-Machine running VB3. I am still waiting for the PX-5S to arrive in the UK so that I can try it out.
  3. Is CASIO preparing something?

    I would say almost certainly. If you read this article http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/45ec2226#/45ec2226/27 Stephen Schmidt suggests that something new will be announced at NAMM 2014.
  4. Downloads Organization

    I am still waiting for the PX-5S to arrive in the UK. But a library of song-based Stage Settings would be useful. This an area where, in my opinion, the Kurzweil PC3 and Yamaha Motif range excel. There are a huge number of song specific sounds already programmed or available for purchase as libraries. This saves a huge amount of time when preparing for corporate functions, weddings and to a lesser extent stage shows/musicals as a lot of the sounds required are already available. With regard to specific songs, This was started/covered in this thread: http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/topic/4239-song-ready-stage-settings/
  5. Orchestral and Organ Hex Layers

    Any progress?
  6. Paint your volume knob

    Scott, thanks for the info.
  7. Paint your volume knob

    How does your cable tidy attach to the PX-5S?
  8. Last year Jeff Dunmire from Casio gave a demo of the XW-P1 From about 16:00 to 23:00 he used a number of custom Hex Layers. Are these available anywhere?
  9. Volume Pedal

    I have not tried a PX-5S yet - they are not yet available in the UK. But from reading the manuals and from what Mike Martin has said then basically yes. You would need to program the FCB1010 to send CC#11 on the desired midi channel.
  10. This is the one I play - albeit rarely. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTBv4kAdk_w (Same as posted earlier by Joe Muscara). As aside when playing covers with various bands I am nearly always asked to play the studio version as this is usually the one most people are familiar with.
  11. They are for the XW Synths not the PX-5S.
  12. Would a mini USB drive meet your needs? Something like: http://www.amazon.com/HP-v165w-Flash-Drive-P-FD4GBHP165-EF/dp/B00404JF80/ref=sr_1_40?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1376115992&sr=1-40&keywords=mini+usb+drive
  13. File Format Error

    Are you sure that you are using the correct editor and file combination? For example trying to load an XW-P1 file into the PX-5S editor will not work.
  14. Charles, have you tried the ZXA1 yet?
  15. The MIDI Solutions controller will take its power from most MIDI Outs - this link http://www.midisolutions.com/faqs.htm lists the products that do not provide enough power. To use the FCB1010 with the PX-5S you would simply need to connect the Midi Out of the FCB1010 to the Midi In of the PX-5S. If you connect anything to the the Midi In of the FCB1010, then, depending on how things are programmed, incoming Midi data will be merged with the FCB1010 data and sent to the PX-5S.