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  1. Post your Gear Pics Here...

    mz2000/ ctk811ex.both of which forum members helped me with,thank you .ken
  2. CTK-711EX = CTK-1000 synth with built-in floppy drive?!

    just read this, my I point out the ctk711ex has no disc drive ,it's the ctk811ex with the disc drive. ken .
  3. members status

    I joined 5 September 2013 ,I am listed as newbie. people joined after me are members/ advanced members.so how can I still be a newbie? ken
  4. mz 2000

    you are right the site has been removed, hence my plea for help. thank you for your help it was just what I wanted ,thank you again .ken
  5. mz 2000

    can anyone help with the contents of the 2 factory discs which came with this keyboard? thank you ,ken
  6. ctk 811ex

    thank you very much ,this very helpful, ken.
  7. ctk 811ex

    has anyone any ctp files or tones for this keyboard,thank you ken
  8. fender rhodes

    yes wk 7600.to get the best ,go to midi turn off local control .give it a go,all the best ken
  9. fender rhodes

    if you have a i-pad buy app ilectric piano,before you buy have a look at it on internet if you have internet?.price uk£15. good luck in search.ken
  10. convert cpt to ckf patterns

    thank you for your help i followed it and i am over the moon i can convert cpt to ckf .thank you .ken
  11. i have cpt patterns i wish to convert to ckf,can anybody help.thank you ken