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  1. Roadz Mark Amped

  2. Roadz PanAmp

  3. Dirty Rhodes SW

  4. The Best Jam keyboard known to man(with a J)

    all made on the PX ?
  5. you could use ..AIR Display to send the Screen from your Mac to the Tablet IOS ,,and voila work on the Tablett with the Editor....
  6. MIKE the Piano maker

    today i tried the KMS Piano CD made by yes MIKE MARTIN for Kurzweil some years ago ,,,,with a 9ft Steinway,,,from Horowitz in 16 mb 32mb and 64mb .Samples looped with 6s.....wow ....nowi know why the Casio Px5S Piano sounds like it does.....the " Piano maker Mr. Mike Martin was involved and for shure ...the PX5S is a litte Monster like the K2000-2600 Series are still today.... My compliments !
  7. Midi Setup howto ?

    i run the PX5S as a primary Master and the K2000 as Slave....but i also use some DAW modules,....like drummer and Seq....only is to programm the K2000R wich is impossible since the handbook is like a telephone book i use Midiquest ,,,for now,,,,i think the power of the K2000R was never used in all these Years just the possibility of routing everything and modulating everything with everything is crazy ,,adding the >FUN`S thigs goes out of understanding what´s happen ......of course Sound is Vintage but try some Moog Bass and the Boxes are blowing away ... the funny is lot of the future inside makes me think Casio did stole some ideas there ! ,,,and samples who know the flute is 1:1 .....for my ears.. Funny i forgot Mike was long time @ Kurzweil The samples in the K2500 Piano ROM daughterboard are from the same source piano as the PC88 which makes them sound similar. The K2500 Piano ROM was recorded in stereo instead of mono, it also contains longer samples and more samples per octave. The K2500's VAST engine is also a huge factor in how musical, expressive and versatile the K2500 Piano ROM is compared to the PC88. -- Mike Martin - Kurzweil"