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  1. I like my Casio Privia PX-5S, however, and in spite of the files i have downloaded from this forum, i always end up using my iPad connected to my privia. This is my opinion, but the piano sounds within the Sample Tank seems to be richer, cleares, and closer to the real pianos of their kink. The Privia's kinda sound dull. I have been all over the settings and still not very exited with the tonal quality of the piano sound files.. any suggestions?
  2. PX-5S: 7" Grand Piano sound

    I have been using my Privia PX-5S as a controller for my ipad 3rd generation. I use IK Multimedia apps. Among my favorites are SampleTank and Grand Piano. They havo a large variety of piano and other instrument sounds that are quite exquisite and very faithful to the real instrument. One of my favorite piano sounds is the 7" GRAND PIANO (natural, echo, flanger, phaser, etc). This sound is so rich and powerful that I would love to either adjust or add that piano type to the PX-5S. However, I could definitively use some help, because I am horrible when it comes to editing sounds. Is anyone well versed on this piano type? My deep gratitude in advance to whosoever will. --VictorMD victormd70@gmail.com
  3. Hex Layer Volume

    Is there a way to control volumes of individual layers? I want the piano to be the master tone. When I add a hex layer, they all overpower the piano tone. How can I correct this?
  4. User Reviews of the Casio PX-5S

    Great posting, playzkeyz!