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  1. Texturals

    The awesomeness of the P1 fully on display. Some other stuff going on here but the P1 is doing the heavy lifting. Would love to hear your thoughts. Texturals
  2. Album made with CZ 1000

    Dig it. Very nice stuff. CZ 1000 is a great synth.
  3. Intro

    Granted this is mostly Roland SE-02, but it's the XW-P1 Hex pads that really make this piece what it is. Titled "Intro" simply because it feels like it's an introduction to something. I appreciate you all clicking the link, giving it a listen, and letting me know what you think either here or on my Soundcloud page. Thanks! Intro
  4. Lowering bass in P1 (lester K)/unproccesed organ sound

    I use the Lester K as well and haven't experienced this problem. I'd check your EQ settings. Pretty much what AllenK said.
  5. Better Leslie Simulation?

    I'll preface this by saying I bought the EH Lester K and it has pretty much satisfied my need for a better rotary speaker effect. However, before I added an external effects box I had a much simpler solution to get a serviceable organ, at least good enough for this weekend warrior. I created a Hex layer with four separate organ tones, detuning some slightly along with some other tweaks, then simply used the chorus effect to add that rotating speaker. It's sort of what I used to do in the old days with my string synth and something guitar players have been doing for years. Pretty neanderthal I guess, but it got me by.
  6. For anyone who's still considering options on upgrading the rotary speaker effect for the P1's drawbar organ, here's my users review on the new Lester K pedal. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Lester-K/reviews Bottom line, it's legit.
  7. Casio MZ-X

    Looks like the guy posting that owns some sort of music shop in Reseda, CA. I've been to Reseda. My sister lives there. I'd take any info that comes from there with a grain of salt.
  8. The XW-P1 Companion

    I said this over on the FB page, this is really great work. Well done.
  9. If I ever find the guy who stole the VZ1 I was bidding on in the last 10 seconds of the auction, he'll have to play it with broken fingers. Thought I had it won. Ce la vie. I'll find something else.
  10. CZ Fun extended version

    Thanks Gary.
  11. CZ Fun extended version

    This is a more fully developed version of my previous piece, still using nothing but a CZ1000. I call it Neo New Wave 80s synth pop. https://soundcloud.com/david-allen-price/cz-fun3
  12. CZ Fun

    Got a CZ 1000 off Craigslist. Thought I would see what I could using nothing but my new toy. Not much of a composition but this old synth really has potential. Here's a Soundcloud link as well. https://soundcloud.com/david-allen-price/cz-fun2 CZ Fun(2).wav
  13. Thursday Jamming

    Nice. I really dig the rhythm sequence in the song you don't know the name of.
  14. My New Song : Spacing

    Which keyboard did you use for this?
  15. Personally I don't understand why you just wouldn't become a keyboard player. It's way cooler than being a bass player.