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  1. Piano Hammer Noise

    Thanks, Ted: I'll suffer through as I am not inclined to purchase a higher end product. Have a great 2018. Paul
  2. CTK7200 I notice that the piano hammer sound varies among piano voice settings ie Stereo Grand and Dance Piano. I tried adjusting the DSP comp with no luck. Is there a way to lower/soften the hammer sound for a particular Piano voice? Thanks
  3. Hi Ted, thanks for your input on this topic. Two and a half years ago you helped me a great deal on the in's and outs of configuring the various settings on the 7200 which I still use and play today. Newbies would be lost without. Good to see your name again. Stay well and healthy. Regards, Paul
  4. Found a video proving instructions for setting up a sweet sounding Stereo Grand Piano. Here you go, enjoy!
  5. On the CTK 7200, I play from sheet music, tunes from the 40's and 50's. I can't play without sheet music. Can someone direct me in how/when to use the arpeggios when playing from sheet music? Or, is the arpeggio used only in an arranger/composition application? Thank you for your time and consideration. Paul
  6. Has anyone configured an awesome pipe organ sound on a CTK7200. Please share. Thanks for your help, Paul
  7. Pipe Organ Sound

    With the holidays here, I'm wondering if anyone has made attempts to configure a pipe organ sound beyond what I have done. Thanks...
  8. Wonderful rendition. Your setup sounds great. Thank you.
  9. Transpose

    I have difficulty finding the key to match a midi file. Does the transpose feature on the CTK7200 transpose the midi file as well as the keyboard? Or just the keyboard? Thanks...
  10. Transpose

    Ted: Your response led me to do some experimenting. I found the following to be correct on the CTK-7200. If you transpose the key prior to starting the midi file, the transpose feature switches off when the midi file starts to play. If on the other hand you transpose after the midi file starts, the transpose feature transposes BOTH the midi file, as well as the keyboard. This finding has finally answered my question as to why I have difficulty in transposing to the proper key to match the midi file. One CANNOT transpose the key to match a midi file key. I will have to transpose the midi file prior to using it with: http://solmire.com/midieditor/ Sincere thanks for pointing me in the right direction. "Great minds think alike" Paul
  11. While I don't quite know what you mean by "manipulating", I find Chrome extension "notable pdf" to serve my needs. Good luck...
  12. Pipe Organ Sound

    Hi Scott. I took your advise and layered pipe organ 3 with pipe organ 3 lower octave, increased reverb to 127 and chorus to 5, and added effects- Stadium 2. Works good for me, thanks for your help, Paul
  13. WK7600 midifile question ?

    Hi Gary; There is an online midi editor were you can edit all aspects of a midi file. Hope this helps, Paul http://solmire.com/midieditor/
  14. I use a Chromebox for computing, so I rely on the CTK7200 to transpose midi files. To make this transposing work I have only downloaded midi files for which I have sheet music that is written in the key of C. Using the transpose feature this way has worked many times, and many times not. I have midi files that I have not been able to transpose the keyboard to match the "key" of the midi file. Is there a method or trick to doing this, or because of the Chromebox, am I alone in my quest?
  15. Transposing MIDI Files

    Eureka, I have found it! I see that 48 of you looked into my my question, so I'm not alone. If you're like me and need a site to transpose midi files, and perform other edits, this site is made for you. Good luck, enjoy... http://solmire.com/
  16. Indexing user tones

    I'd be interested in reading clever/practical ways to index the User Tone files/listing. Thanks...
  17. What are the differences between these AiR, PCM, and HPSS sound engines? Are they different names for the same thing? I know marketing types can get pretty carried away in making something sound new, and different. Thank you...
  18. I give up! I loaded midi files and ac7 files into the ctk7200, and now I can't find the files. I did a batch load of ac7 files, they loaded, but they are not in the user rhythm section. The midi files loaded, but I don't know where they are either. Please help... Thanks in advance for your time, and consideration. Paul
  19. Kudo's to you once again. The Chromebox does have a sd card slot. I reformatted the SD card in the 7200, and loaded the midi files in the MUSICDAT folder. Within a space of 20 min, I was playing along with the midi file to the tune of Patsy Cline's, "I Fall to Pieces". This is the first of what I'm sure will be many, many more. Thank you Ted, I truly appreciate you and the help you provide. Later... Paul
  20. Thanks Ted, I now know that I didn't muck things up. I have read, and reread about midi files and function, watched YouTube videos, and I still don't know how these things work, or function. I understand that they only contain data instructions to the midi controller, and the controller (CTK7200) takes it from there, but I still don't get it. I've read that you just download a file and play it, but still stumped! I don't own a pc or ipad, but use a Chromebox, so not Data Manager, is that a bottleneck? Your patience and understanding is appreciated. Paul
  21. Please, someone, tell me that Roland does not have an exclusive on midi vocal scat sounds. I've searched, and followed links to no avail. I want to use as a backing track, as well as accompaniment. Where might I find these midi files? Thank you...
  22. vocal scat midi files

    I have a CTK-7200 for 2 months. I wasn't aware of the CTK-2400 sampling feature, but life goes on... Thanks for all the input.
  23. vocal scat midi files

    Thank you, education is a wonderful thing, and I've learned from your post. Many thanks...
  24. Where would I go to download a backing track for "A Whiter Shade of Pale", and how would I get it to work on a 7200? Thank you for your time and consideration.