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  1. Bug with Pad Action function?

    You can set Auto Power Off (called APo) in the system settings. It needs to be "off". According to the manual, on p. 19, these are the steps to access APo:
  2. Slightly frustrated prospective owner!

    Hmmm ... it's not even featured at casio.co.uk: http://www.casio.co.uk/products/electronic-musical-instruments/ EDIT: Looks like bax-shop.co.uk is your best bet when you want someone based in the UK (Kent) selling MZ-X500's: https://www.bax-shop.co.uk/keyboards/casio-mz-x500-keyboard
  3. I like Latin Music and found this great sounding live clip on YouTube, so let's reanimate this thread. Ralph Irizarry & Timbalaye feat. Adan Perez on a Casio - it's a Privia, no idea what one:
  4. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    Now the DJ1's price has come even further down - €21.50, as supplies last: https://www.conrad.de/de/dj-controller-casio-xw-dj1-1339319.html If only the app were available for Android ...
  5. NAMM 2017

    Steve Weingart & Kristian Terzić: Kristian Terzić:
  6. NAMM 2017

    Another clip with Mike Martin: An interview with Mike: Anthony Patterson plays the Celviano Grand Hybrid:
  7. NAMM 2017

    Stevie Wonder at Casio booth:
  8. NAMM 2017

    Larry Dunn playing at the Casio booth:
  9. NAMM 2017

    Rich introduces the LK-265:
  10. NAMM 2017

    From Casio: "Additionally, users can import song data (MIDI format) into Chordana Play, link to other electronic keyboards in Casio’s portfolio (including the Key Lighting and Standard keyboards) and connect to both Apple and Android tablets using a standard audio cable." The app will be available for Android as well - nice touch! Tablets only because smartphone screens are too small? Other than that, good idea, but still not for me. I hope Casio will have something in the pipeline for Musikmesse. EDIT: Come to think of it - if you can't use headphone out with newer Apple devices, I wonder how that will work without headphone plug ... ;-)
  11. NAMM 2017

    Mike Martin talks about the new boards: Available for $99-149 in June, maybe earlier. However, I just bought a WK-7600, so I'm good to go anyway ... ;-)
  12. NAMM 2017

    The Numa Compact 2 looks like a nice board, unfortunately not battery-powered: http://www.studiologic-music.com/products/numa_compact2/
  13. XW-PD1 Significant price drop.

    The new Akai costs 2000 bucks, the Casio was available for much less. Now price is much higher and supply low. Maybe we'll have a classic and the price will be steep soon. ;-)
  14. New 1.40 Update Is Here!

    Ralph Maten showing what can be done with the new sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21uNPiZkOcw
  15. Hmmm ... maybe a PX-5S successor? The prices in Germany are going crazy right now. €641 new, €595 as B-stock ... Winter NAMM will tell us ...