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  1. Wow !!! Reeeeallly great oloking !!!!!!! Hoping one day casio will go on this direction....could be another big big success !! Great graphic job Weder !!!
  2. this picture shows what i mean....is it possible to extend the key shift range to 2 octaves? setting the green key ( c2 ) to the original step sequence pitch ( instead of c 1 ) allowing the player to transpose up or down an octave? this option is available for example on Elka Synthex's sequencer...
  3. is it possible to extend the key range for this key shift funcion?
  4. Sorry corrector write mark...but i wanted to write MIKE

  5. Hi Mark ! You are simply great ! thanx a lot for your willingness !!

  6. Hi Mark ! You are simply great ! thanx a lot for your willingness !!

  7. Hi, I'm new on this forum...so I hope I started the right way ( this is my first message )....I'm writing from Italy and I apologize for my bad English Before all...I'd like to thank all people here ( Administrators and users ) for their great willingness! I'm writing on this thread because I'm interested in Buying an XW P1 these days, and I have two questions about sequencer and Key shift function: 1) is it possible to extend the key range of the key shift feature? I mean...I've seen many videos where just the first octave on the keyboard is available for this funcion...after reading the manual I assumed there is a sort of programmable split / note octave reallocation inside the only first keyboard octave range available when the key shift function is enabled....I'd like to know if is possible to extend the key shift feature at least to two octaves ( the first two octaves ) in order to obtain a wider transposition range?....for example on C2 have the original sequences pitch, on c1 an octave lower and on c3 an octave higer....and so on for all the semitones in beetween... I've also seen videos about the use of the phrase recorder and this funcion permits a wider range of key transposition to be used along the keyboard with different assignable zones too...so...maybe the same thing is possible with the step sequencer in key shift mode? 2) when external gears ( synths ) are controlled by the internal xwp1 sequencer ... is the key shift funcion transmitted ? so all the external gears will be transposed accordingly to the realtime pitch transposition of the xwp1? Thanx in advance! I hope my English has been understandable ! Cheers . Dixie.