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  1. Lonely - CTK 6200

    Sounds very good and you have nice voice...
  2. Minuet Gm parts A&B JS Bach

    Very nice - what instrument is this recorded from?
  3. sd card size

    Hello I am about to buy a SD card to Casio CTK 6250. I will use it for saving songs made in the sequencer. Am I right if I think each song takes very little space on the card while its not saved as wavfile? Would 4 gb sdcard be sufficient? Greetings zdubair
  4. casio wk7600 ctk 6250 sound source

    Listening to videos and i can't hear any obvious difference between these keyboards. I think I will go for CTK 6250,
  5. casio wk7600 ctk 6250 sound source

    Hm... well still a bit unclear - i also asked Casio directly but only got a referal to manuals. Here in Sweden the price difference between WK7600 and CTK6250 is not big at all (3800/3000) - i would prefer the CTK due to lack of space.
  6. casio wk7600 ctk 6250 sound source

    Thanks a lot for your answers - i think i understand the differences now. :-) Zdubair
  7. Hello I am trying to find out if WK7600 and CTK6250 use the same sound synthesis and if the sound output is of equal quality in both keyboards. I have asked around and the anwers are confusing - some say both keyboards have the same AHL synthesises but some say the WK7600 har superior sound quality using a more complex synthesises... So i am hoping someone here could clarify this subject... Greetings Zdubair
  8. What is CTK / WK

    Just curious - what does CTK and WK mean? Zdubair
  9. Hello I wonder if the sounds in the CTK-6250 and WK-7600 are basically the same (same sound quality)? Zdubair
  10. Hello If you extract an A track to B tracks - will the original A track stil be there or will it be empty after the extraction? Greetings Zdubair
  11. Hello Can different effects be used same time in the song seguencer, for example can one type of reverb be used on track 1 and another reverb type on track2? zdubair
  12. pattern sequence

  13. pattern sequence

    ok tx :-)