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Found 14 results

  1. These questions are all about.. (wait for it!) ... timing! In a 4/4 song, imagine a 4-beat (1 bar) bass phrase, transposable, played by zone 1 keys, looping. If I release a C key in zone 1 and play an F in zone 1, - when does the transposition happen? immediately? quantized to a quarter note? - when does the phrase retrigger (start over at the beginning)? quantized to the next "beat 1" (start of new bar)? What if I play the new note ahead of the beat, or behind the beat? Does that get the phrase onto the wrong quarter note? Or off the beat entirely? Is there a stage setting with such a setup? Are these answers in the documentation somewhere? These questions are based on an (imagined ?) model where the phrase always finishes (all 4 beats) once it starts, it always starts on beat 1, it can transpose mid-phrase (possibly with some quantization restrictions), and can tolerate some amount of timing slop on the part of the player. Whew! Still reading? Thanks!
  2. phrase problem

    Help, all of a sudden the phrase does not play back. Not in some of the sounds like you two (0-9) and rainy day (0-8) where the drum nor the arpeggio phrase plays. What can I do?
  3. I have been searching for an you tube on making phrases and songs, I am finding it an extremely frustrating hair pulling out experience..
  4. Phrase loop

    Hi, Not sure if I'm in the correct space. I'm looking to record a phrase that I can use as a base line. Need it to both loop and transpose as I'm playing. I can't seem to figure this out. Any help is appreciated. Thank you,
  5. Phrase Question

    It is possible to activate the metronome to begin one measure before the recording phrases?
  6. Love this keyboard

    I love how easy it is to jam with the px5-s Have a listen chicken feed.mp3
  7. Drums and bass sequenced and a double lead on top all recorded on the "audio recorder" Even when playing in one sound setting you can still change many programs I just find it great how the PX-5s can do so oooo many functions at once and then some $$££€€ **** Just showing how you can put bass riff and drums into PX-5s,all in one keyboard Sunny mush lambs.mp3 New terrorist group .mp3
  8. I generate a drum phrase 8 bars long in Cubase. I export that to a MIDI file (that re-imports exactly as it was intended). I convert the MIDI file using the DATA Editors Phrase Convert window "start at bar 1 and end at bar 9" with no other filters. I import the resulting .ZPH file into the PX-5S and turn on looping. No matter how I program the 8 bar phrase, the PX-5S puts a blank 4/4 bar where I want the .ZPH to loop. Any ideas folks? I've attached the MIDI file. The forum won't let me upload the .ZPH file for some reason. Pagliacci BrushRideOriginal.mid
  9. Version 1.1


    Here's the four phrases to compose the John Lennon Imagine song.
  10. File Name: John Lennon Imagine Phrases & Song File Submitter: RobMare File Submitted: 15 Feb 2014 File Category: PX-5S Phrases Here's the four phrases to compose the John Lennon Imagine song. Click here to download this file
  11. ArpgParty0.1 (Solo Synth)

    Version 1


    This tone to create rhythms using arpeggio and / or phrase sequencer. Try for you. The use of this tone is atypical. You use knobs and sliders to play it.
  12. ArpgParty0.1 (Solo Synth)

    File Name: ArpgParty0.1 (Solo Synth) File Submitter: David File Submitted: 05 Nov 2013 File Category: XW-Synths This tone to create rhythms using arpeggio and / or phrase sequencer. Try for you. The use of this tone is atypical. You use knobs and sliders to play it. Click here to download this file
  13. Phrase questions

    How do you name/rename a phrase that you've created? Also, can you trigger a phrase from a key on the keyboard? Thanks.
  14. XW-Series FAQ

    What Pedals work with the XW-seriesCasio SP-20 Casio SP-3R Pedals from Kurzweil and Korg also work as well as the switchable M-Audio, Roland and Yamaha will not. Can I used the Solo Synth and Hex Layers, or Drawbar organs at the same timeNo, only one of them can be used at a time on Zone 1.