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Found 28 results

  1. I've been using the EHX Lester K rotary pedal recently, and although an excellent pedal, it has some faults. One of which is the fact that any note below Eb (middle) increases dramatically in volume (for some reason I've only seen this problem persist in the P1). Is there any way to lower the bass in the P1 so next time I go gigging the audience won't have to put up with the ground shaking beneath them? Also, Is there a way to get an unproccessed drawbar organ sound e.g no extra effects such as chorus or gain? I think the Lester K adds some extra nonadjustable chorus - this could be intended, but it also could be something conflicting with the P1; either way this isn't necessarily a good thing. if there is a way to get an unprocessed sound on the drawbar organ of the P1 that would most likely fix all my problems.
  2. Hi all, I finally got round to uploading another of my XW demo tracks. This also uses both my XW-P1 and G1. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/twilight_dissidenthero/satellite
  3. I've finally taken the plunge and uploaded one of my tracks to Sound Cloud. As many of you know, I moved over to the USA and my gear is still stuck in the UK. I didn't have much of a studio set up as I was in a state of flux back in the UK with a pending emigration overseas, though I did manage to record some live takes/ ideas I had with my Casios before I left for the USA. These were never meant to be more than sketches, just to get the ideas in my head down before I forgot them. The intention was to always re-record them properly, properly sequenced, multi-track recorded and mixed. Then I would put them up on the usual places (Sound Cloud, YouTube etc.) and see if anyone liked them. As my return to the UK to arrange shipping of my gear is taking much longer than planned, it's going to be a while before I get my gear over to the USA and can set up my own studio again. As I feel some of my live takes sounded OK considering my rudimentary keyboard playing, well, why not put some of them up for others to hear? So I did! Here's the first track, using both my XW-P1 and XW-G1. Played live and recorded in one take, straight to DAW via a mini Behringer mixer. I hope some may enjoy it
  4. 4 XWP1 Patches I made

    Here's some patches I made. 3 are hex layer patches and 1 is a solo synth patch. They're seperate user bank patches so you don't need to "Load All" just to load them onto your synth - you can load them one at a time. One of them is a dubstep "wub" kind of patch but it's a digital pulse wave so it doesn't really "wub" as much as cycle up and down sharply. You can control the speed of it with the mod wheel. The pitch bends at the very bottom notch of the mod wheel range, though. There's one that sounds like the one from NIN's "Suck", another that's crippled and crusty sounding and the effect varies from note to note. I forgot what the 4th one is but they should be a lot of fun to play with. I use them in my own music but I don't care if you use them in your music, too. No copyright bs or anything like that. Doesn't bother me. Post here and let me know if you like them or not - I'm excited to hear what everyone thinks of them! XWP1MaikuPatches.zip
  5. Colaveri Lead

    Version 1.0


    My new created sound "Why This Colaveri Di" Enjoy it.
  6. Colaveri Lead

    File Name: Colaveri Lead File Submitter: Berk5 File Submitted: 02 Sep 2015 File Category: XW-P1 My new created sound "Why This Colaveri Di" Enjoy it. Click here to download this file
  7. The P1 rules!

    I've been having so much fun constructing and recreating tunes that I haven't taken the time to WOW! and thank Mike and others for the very hard work they do answering questions, and making new sounds and sequences. I couldn't live without my P1. I've been retired for two years and done little but make music. Am currently notating and programming Miles Davis' "In a Silent Way" and using the P1 almost exclusively, and it sounds excellent. I'm substituting a flute in the P1 for a trumpet but I'll get the horn player down the block to do the trumpet parts. I've got a Roland Fantom XR sound module with an orchestra board in it that gives me all my violins. Again and again though I return to the P1. And all for $500! Such a deal. I was a CZ 101 lover in the 70's and 80's but gave that to somebody who fell in love with it. I Knew when Casio came out with this new series that I was going to have to have one. It does fall a bit short in number of usable sounds but what keyboard doesn't for the price range. My Roland is full of sounds I'll never use but a realistic trumpet and flute, no naye never. I guess trumpets are very difficult to recreate. I wish I knew how to program sounds but I don't, so I don't want to whine too loud. Let it be said I'm very happy with the P1. Just a note, that I bought Jamstix and it has blown me out of the water. Set it in motion and it's like having a real drummer in the corner. But I use the P! too for electronic drums. The two can easily be made to play together, adding the P1 drums to Jamstix drums via midi. Salute to all and hope you are having as much fun with your P1 as I am. Dave
  8. Brass tones for XW-P1?

    someone has?
  9. Epic Strings

    Version v1.00


    Epic Strings tone is Hex Layer. Enjoy it
  10. Epic Strings

    File Name: Epic Strings File Submitter: Berk5 File Submitted: 18 Dec 2014 File Category: XW-P1 Epic Strings tone is Hex Layer. Enjoy it Click here to download this file
  11. FIRMAMENTO (HexLayer)

    Version 1


    Mellow pad.
  12. FIRMAMENTO (HexLayer)

    File Name: FIRMAMENTO (HexLayer) File Submitter: David File Submitted: 26 Oct 2014 File Category: XW-P1 Mellow pad. Click here to download this file
  13. The first CASIO XW-P1 in Spain.
  14. There is a thousand way how to play you're keyboard you can go with midi sequencing daws or fully stand alone the thing is how good will you're piece sound once you done it all right!, Mastering not only musical skills also the keyboard . Test your skillzz and let me hear how you turned the XW in a sonic power house doesn't matter how you do it how it sounds like what piece you play as long if you can tell how you did it what make the piece exceptional do it with or without the solo synth , sampling create new sounds max the possibilities out. ADD PCXW to you're mp3 or soundcloud link once you've finished you're musical piece and win to be honored excellence OF keyboard playing. YEAH awesOMe. I know its a bit crazy but I really want to hear more how others make music with their XW using everything on it by programming their own phrases arpeggio effects etc.
  15. "Another original music composition ("Adrianna Groove") showing off the power of the Casio XW-P1. This is ONE take, so still sticking to my "play live" attitude. (ok ok, the perfect is the evil of the good, so there is one little blip), but this is just sitting down and playing...the way music should be it seems to me, at least whenever possible....but must admit that I like the better quality computer recording (even on one channel)...Oh well. The pads and filters are totally on the XWP1, while at the same time I am controlling (2) other synths simultaneously via midi. The piano you hear is a layered Casio and EX5R piano, plus EX5R created arps, with the drums and strange industrial timing sounds being triggered to the Miniak....all played LIVE in ONE take....on ONE channel on ONE Keyboard. Basically mix on the hardware FIRST...then just play and record all at once. The P1 keys are quick, so my 88 key style is harsh to say the least...(classically trained trumpet fingers). All sounds modified/created by myself (except for the piano of course.) This song blends tons of genres together, and has typical corporate bs structure....oh well. For the money, this XW-P1 is a real pro sounding power monster, IMHO, and CAN compete against the high dollar big boys, especially in LIVE situations. Thanks Tune is for my niece......Adri"
  16. XW dust covers

    Does anyone know if Casio made a dust cover for the XW series? With their flat surfaces, all keyboards/ synths quickly attract dust when left exposed, so a simple dust cover would be great for when they're not in use. Somehow I managed to acquire a genuine Casio dust cover with one of my many Casios (I can't remember which though!) It fits a treat and you can see it pictured covering my G1, with the exposed P1 below. The model number of the cover is 'C-47'. I'd love to get a matching cover, or find another cover(s) at a reasonable price to keep my XW's dust free when I'm not using them. Anyone know where I can find such dust covers, or know if Casio offered covers for the XW's?
  17. How he uses the sequencer?

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen: I found this wonderful video. And I have a question for you: Any person with a good heart can explain how this person uses the sequencer? Does he use any pedal control? I'm very intrigued. PS: How do I put videos and not put the links? THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
  18. "Problem" in the data editor?

    Hello: I believe there is a problem in the data editor. When I create a new tone Synth Solo mode and put on the Synth1 block the same type of wave that on the Synth2 block begins a "problem": When I connect the two blocks one of them does not sound or sound takes pressing another key. I put the same type of wave, I don't put the same wave number. Example. Block Synth1 (on): 0003 Triangle. Block Synth2 (on): 0018 MM Triangle. Block PCM1 (off): 1501 Sitar 6. Block PCM2 (off) 1747 Cowbell 2. Noise Block (off) 0009 FilterNoise 8. Thank you very much.
  19. Hello: I've found this interesting video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjbm-1S3qIo
  20. Hello: CASIO had the great idea of creating a synthesizer with built-in sequencer. It has been a great invention - and it remains-. It helps to enjoy this synth. My opinion on the sequencer is that it is very good and very easy to use. And I open this post so that other users leave your opinion. I'm curious about this topic. I'm thinking of buying the XW-G1. Greetings and have a good day.
  21. Solo vs Performance.

    Hello I like to give a call out for people who like me are no good at creating a Solo synth patch, If you like me want to create a Solo but know how to make a nice performance patch please post it on the forum let others enjoy your work until the time there when you create great solo patches. Best regards. Please post these performance and share them with us.
  22. SintExotic



    Well... Hex Layer SintExotic tone is simple, but with exotic instruments like the sitar, steel drum and a voice to give it depth.
  23. SintExotic

    File Name: SintExotic File Submitter: David File Submitted: 17 Aug 2013 File Category: XW-P1 Well... Hex Layer SintExotic tone is simple, but with exotic instruments like the sitar, steel drum and a voice to give it depth. Click here to download this file
  24. CZ-P1



    I created this Solo Synth tone considering a CASIO CZ. This tone is in version XW-P1.
  25. CZ-P1

    File Name: CZ-P1 File Submitter: David File Submitted: 17 Aug 2013 File Category: XW-Synths I created this Solo Synth tone considering a CASIO CZ. This tone is in version XW-P1. Click here to download this file