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Found 17 results

  1. Expression over MIDI

    With the blessing of my Beloved Spouse, I bought a PX-5S just before the 1027 discount period ended. Just scratched the surface, and I'm still loving this board. Good golly, even the sostenuto pedal works perfectly. I feel like I could reach in and play Emerson's "Take a Pebble." Issue o' the day, then: I've been looking for a MIDI controller to act as a volume or expression pedal on the PX-5S. I once had a Behringer FCB1010, and loved it, but it takes up a lot of floor space, and I don't really need all the buttons -- just the CC pedal(s). Has anyone reading this tried the Source Audio sa163? It looks like the volume pedal equivalent of a "universal solvent." I came across that digging around on the web, and although a bit pricey, it looks like it may be able to do the job. But since I'd never heard / read about it before, I figured I'd ask around. Besides, I still need to reload the piggy bank before I buy one anyway.
  2. Does someone else have the same problem? When I connect another keyboard thru Line In inputs it horribly distorts while PX560 itself plays nice and clear. I tried to adjust the Line In Volume in Balance screen. But even after bringing it even to a minimum when I can barely hear it from the amp the signal from that external keyboard still appears to be heavily distorted. That volume control setting is only for the volume IN not for the volume OUT. I'm lost here... Is there any way to adjust the Line In out volume or gain? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
  3. Microphone Volume

    Is anyone else having issues with the volume of the microphone? When I plug my Shure SM58 or PG58 in via a Hosa MIT-176 XLR3F to 1/4" impedance matched adapter the volume is so muted that it doesn't cut through the rhythm and melody I am playing. I have to severely mute the volume of the accompaniment parts with the balance controls in order to have enough mic volume. Do I need to get an external mic preamp or another connection method? Any suggestions?
  4. Dumb question, I know, but I haven't been able to find this information in manual or online. I have a WK-7600. Sometimes, the auto-accompaniment (rhythm, chords accomp.) is too loud compared to the volume of the right hand playing. Surely there is a simple volume switch somewhere? Your advice will be much appreciated.
  5. I have recorded a few midi parts onto separate tracks in cubasis. I now want to do a bit of mixing, but however I set the midi routing in the cubasis inspector I cannot get the px560 to respond to volume and pan information being sent to it from Cubasis. Is this a bug in the px or just me being thick?
  6. How can I diminish or increase the preset volume level of the standard percussive sounds assigned to the pads relative to the other voices? Some I've the drums triggered by the pads overpower the accompanying rhythm and tones. Specifically P182 EthnicPerc 1 and P184 EthnicPerc 3
  7. I can see how to use the dial to change the volume on the various tracks, but don't know how to save the changes. Every time I play it, it returns to the full volume. What am I missing?
  8. Very bizarre. If I take any style and make a volume change to a part, I can't store it into a registration for some reason, and I know for a fact that I used to be able to do it. As soon as I store it, when I play, the volume jumps back to the original volume of the part. If I turn a part completely off, it will save THAT change, but not volume for some odd reason. I called Casio tech support and he was baffled by it as well. Any ideas?
  9. Is there a way to set the rhythm volume for the pre-set (non-user) rhythms? My old (very old) Casio keyboard had a simple hardware slider that affected all rhythms. I know I can create up to 10 user rhythms with custom volumes. But to use the many many factory volumes and be able to set volume would be light years ahead! Factory volumes are generally way too loud.
  10. Hello everyone! Have you guys experienced the same problem as I did? I just bought the PX-780 and I think everything on it is pretty impressive, except for one thing: When you play between forte and fortissimo, the volume of the sound steeps up considerably. (see attached graphic) This happens mainly with the main sound 001 Grand piano concert, but is also an issue with others such as modern piano, rock piano, etc. I found that it should be a software problem as the 004 Grand piano classical and 007 Grand piano dolce don't have this problem but... I don't like them too much as the sound is too mellow for my taste. NOTE: I tried changing the touch sensitive to 3 but the problem persists. I saw that another user at Amazon reviews has also noticed this problem, so it's not my imagination. Also, if I use the Privia piano as a MIDI controler and use a VST such as Pianoteq on my PC there is not such problem. What do you think? For me this is just not acceptable, I have played digital pianos for more than 20 years (Roland, mainly) and this was never an issue, so CASIO, I hope you are able to solve this problem soon via a software update or something like that. I have wrote to CASIO technical support but have no response yet after 3 days. tip to CASIO tech staff: maybe you forgot to normalize between several "layers" of samples when you build the virtual instrument. Please help me if you are able.
  11. Hello, my name is Rickard and I just recently bought an Privia Pro Px-5s after being sick of dragging my Fantom G-8 as the main stage piano. I have one question though: Is there any way I can assign the sliders to control the volume of the four different zones (in realtime) and without using a hex-layer sound? I know I can assign the different Layers volume to the sliders but I haven´t found out how to control the zones volume. Once you set them , are they "stuck" in terms of realtime editing? /Rickard
  12. How do I balance the volume from the Split and normal?
  13. solo synth too loud

    Hey all, I was wondering if anybody else feels that the solo synth tones are too loud compared to other tones such as the pcm tones? I'm talking about the factory presets. thanks
  14. Hello, I'm new to this forum, but not completly new to the px-5s, which I bought in may this year. So I'm using it for 5 month. I use it as replacement for a piano, so nearly all my use is Grand Piano. Just from the begin I have the problem, that the output is not loud enough. It takes some time to realize, that setting - Master setting compression level to 100 would change the situation, but I found it. Ouput level is set to 127. For use with my Shure SRH440 Headphone ( 44 ohms ) this works well. For use with my Kurzweil KS40 Speakers ( 20k ohms input impedance ) this works not quite well. They are still not loud enough. To check weather it is a issue of the px-5s or the speakers, I recorded a wave file to USB, checked it on my notebook and detected, that it was recorded with a extreme low volume level. So I normalized the WAV and replayed it on the PX-5s. Wowh !!! I'd never thought, that the small Boxes have such a sound !!! But whats that ? The PX-5S runs extremly into clipping. Ok. I copied the normalized file to my mp3-player and tested the boxes directly without the px-5s. Sound was good and loud and without any clipping. Now I searched this forum and found the updated File from user Xagerado, which is a real improvement. Piano sound much louder even if the compression level is at 053. At least my questions are: What did he that it works in this way ? Is there a tool where I can compare Stage / Tone settings to see directly what he has optimized ? Is it just a singular setting which I don't found ? Thanks for your help. Bernd
  15. I'm interested in controlling Garageband instrument volume via USB midi from the px5s using either the volume wheel, slider controllers or pedal inputs. I've looked in the documentation but can't find how to set the midi cc# or any other info regarding controlling instrument parameters. Is this possible? If so, I'd be interested in learning how to do this. Thanks
  16. Hi - My PX-5S just arrived today but I have a problem with the audio level from the lineouts. I've done a quick search of this forum - my apologies if this question has already been answered. Going from the line out to my powered speaker (Yamaha DXR12) I get no usable volume whatsover, even with both the piano and the speaker (1100W) on full. I can just hear the absolute faintest of tones coming from the speaker, with my ear pressed right against it. If I then switch the lead to the headphone out, I get plenty of volume at normal volume setting levels. Do I have a problem with the Casio? Do I have to use a mixer just to get a standard lineout level from the PX-5S lineouts? My other keyboards play fine into the powered speaker (Mojo, Nord Electro) at normal level settings. I'm on v1.11 firmware. Thanks in advance Ian UK
  17. Hi everybody! I created tracks with step sequencer as would-be a background. Now I'm trying to play solo "on the fly" with this background. I press TONE to choose different instruments for soloing, and all instruments sound MUCH louder than my background. All my sequencer tracks' volume are at or around 100%. What do I do wrong? How do I achieve balance? It's XW-G1. Thank you for your help!