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WK 200 and iPad

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New here.  Where can I go to learn how to set up my WK 200 to work with my iPad. GarageBand and other iOS apps?


would like to experiment with midi but don't know where to start. 


Thanks in advance. 



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Hey there and welcome to the Casio forums. It's pretty easy to connect the Casio to an iPad. You need a "Camera Connection Kit" (CCK) It will look like the pic below (unless you have an older iPad with the 30-pin connector, in which case you get the 30 pin CCK. Then you use a standard USB printer cable to connect the Casio to the CCK.. then the CCK goes into the iPad. I can not stress this enough: DO NOT GO CHEAP ON THE CCK AND BUY A GENERIC! They do not work with MIDI. Spend the money and get the Genuine Apple CCK. Trust me on this!!!!!


So after you're connected, just find the MIDI settings in your app and select the Casio.. and you're in business!






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re 30 pin CCK camera connector kit    I checked with Apple support last night and the only adapter they offer has a male lightning end and female 30 pin.  This does not mate with the ipad 2 or the camera connector kit.  Kit works fine with my newer iphone.  But i also need to connect to the older ipad 2. 


I just reread the earlier post and did a search and came up with a discontinued Apple product on ebay: iPad Camera Connection Kit - MC531ZM/A part # (282433588247).  I ordered 1 & hope it works.  Cheaper than getting another iPad.

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