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Midi playback over (preferably over USB)

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Hello everyone, my first post here. I'm not a MIDI expert by any means, so sorry if this is a really basic thing.


We have a MIDI file (created manually on a computer) that has a tricky part that we'd like to use in a performance. It's right at the start of a song, so it's not a big deal if it requires a few button presses to get things moving. From my research, I believe that one way we could do this is to put the MIDI file on an SD card and play it using the card playback functions on the keyboard (just to be clear, we want the sound generated by the keyboard synthesizer).


Now, here's a few questions I have:


  1. In the MIDI file, I've got instruments selected for each of the 3 tracks (I believe they are using Electric Grand Piano and Choir Aahs). How exactly do I use MIDI to select a specific instrument voice on the Casio (I believe it's a CTK 7200)? 
  2. Assuming that I have a PC or iPad connected to the USB port of the keyboard and that the keyboard is recognized as a MIDI device by the iPad/PC and I use a program to "play" the MIDI file on the iPad/PC. Will the Casio respond to the MIDI coming in and play the notes?
  3. Kind of unrelated, but still in the same vein... We use OnSong on the iPad for all of our lyrics/chords. OnSong can send MIDI events at various points (such as when switching to a new song). Are there specific MIDI events I could send to the Casio to cause it to change the setup (for example, setting a split point and setting the voices for each half of the keyboard)?


I apologize if this is all documented somewhere, but I wasn't able to find it. Happy to be told "read this" if there is something good to read :)


Thanks for your assistance,



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1.  The MIDI File needs to be edited contain the program changes to point towards the sound that you want.

2.  Yes.

3.  It can send program changes to the Casio, but it can't turn on/off split.  

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The MSB/LSB Voice Bank Select codes and Program Change codes are given on the Tone List (Appendix) that came with your specific model.  If you did not get one, or have misplaced it, you can download a copy from the Casio Support website that offers the manuals for download.


In reference to you original Item 2:  If you want to use an iPad as a MIDI source for your keyboard, you need to make certain to get a DAW/sequencer app that outputs MIDI to external devices.  Not all of them do.  Many use MIDI strictly internally, surprizingly, chief among those that do is the iPad's marque sequencer app GarageBand, so that pretty much makes it useless for serious music production.  Also, the same applies to iPad DAW/sequencer apps as to PC software for selecting proper tones on the keyboard - they need to be capable of sending MSB/LSB Bank Select and Program Change codes.


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