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Here’s an interesting sound I discovered by accident. I named it after the reaction I had when I first heard it.


The basis for this Hex Layer tone is a mix of two waveforms: Sy_MM Ramp (658) and Sy_MM Saw (659). They are perfectly complementary; the same waveforms with opposite phases. If they are mixed together with the same amplitudes and at the same pitch they exactly cancel and you hear silence.
If, on the other hand, the pitch of one is offset a little bit, as they are here they will cancel only at the start of the note and then drift out of phase as the note progresses. The result is a thin pulse tone that changes to a square wave, the rate of change depending on the pitch offset as well as on the pitch of the note you play. If the note is held long enough the waveform will change back to a pulse and cancel out briefly again cyclically. It’s essentially a controlled form of pulse-width modulation.


Another tone that layers this one with additional elements to achieve something a lot more powerful can be found here

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