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The GP 500 finally got there.

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So I finally got a chance to play the GP 500 at the local music shop and it blew my expectation on the key's 

and sound. I really enjoyed it, actually so much I wouldn't want to turn back to something else.


Inspiration hits you once you're hands get going I'm no pianist but I know a good thing get me grooving. 

Being in the shop I could compare allot with other digital piano's in the end it didn't matter then the right feel

of the key's touch ,size and play ability and on which a player is comfortable with.


The piano sounds was as much as good the EP and specially the strings made me envious you could sit 

there the whole day playing tunes.


In short I could have one of the model as my go to piano, or dare I say it a keyboard with that mechanism,

as my main board to play on. 


(edit) after a week.


In addition I've also played now the GP 300 WE me thinks my local music shop went wild for the moment

playing them both seeing the hammers move gives the awe of the piano's you're really reacting to it as you play.

I would have a hard time though to choose which one would fit best in the living room the black or white its like

what atmosphere I'm going for Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn or Thelonious monk, Chick Corea, Ahmad Jamal.   


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