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I have the AT-5 oriental keyboard. I need to add new Arabic rhythms and tunes.


Is it possible to convert other keyboards extensions loke (mid, STY) to AC7 and TN7 ?



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Not directly with any of the CTK/WK boards, but the MZ-X models can import rhythms from other manufacturer's boards.  Tone files are a different matter altogether.  Tone engines are totally unique and can not import tones from other manufacturers.


Here is a link to a discussion of a Microsoft Excel program that will convert STY files to the old Casio CKF rhythm format (which the CTK/WK-6XXX/7XXX, AT-3/5, etc. boards will import), but it was written by a Russian fellow for his own personal use, so the program and instructions are written in Russian, and there is no support for it.  A few individuals here have had some success with it, but most who have tried, have given up in utter frustration




Also, the old Casio "IDES" Data Manager software, for the WK-3XXX models, came with a Rhythm Converter module that would convert MID files to the old CKF format.  There were some early discussions here, on this forum, about it, but I have seen no mention of it for several years.  The process was quite tedious, and required embedding section "markers" (Intro, Main, Fill, Ending, etc) into the MID file with sequencer/DAW software before conversion.  If any marker was off by so much as a single clock tick, the conversion failed.  Aside from the language barrier, the success rate was about the same as with the above program.  If you are interested, you can download a copy of the IDES-4 software from here:




For further information/discussions, click on the Search bar in the upper right corner of any of the forum's web pages and do an "All Content" search on such items as "IDES" or "rhythm converter", etc.




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