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Mixer parameters resets on CTK7000

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Using the Mixer function of CTK7000, I am trying to edit various parameters of the "Xmas Song" rhythm (D-068). I have turned off some channels, change volume of other channels, and change the instruments on some channels. All sounds good, so I store this to a Registration Bank. When I restore it back (or even stop/start), the accompaniment parameters seem to reset back to what they were. Other parameters on tone (channel 1 and 2), transpose, Acc. vol., etc. is all restored fine. Only the accompaniment parameters seems to get reset.

Any idea how to do this on CTK7000? Appreciate your help and time.

P.S. I found elsewhere in this forum using "Panel Record", but I did not find that function on CTK7000.

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Thanks Mike. Following are the changes I am applying:

The parameters in RED are lost after Stop/Start or after restore. All other parameters are retained fine.

Tone: G025 + Layer with G043

Rhythm : D068

Tempo: 150

Transpose: +2

Accompaniment Volume: 127

Mixer channel:

1: Volume 80

2: Volume 70

9: Off

10: Volume 100

12: Off

13: Instrument D43, Volume 85

15: Instrument J55, Volume 50

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I created a "User Rhythm" using the "Pattern Sequencer" from the existing rhythm. Made the parameter changes, and few minor changes here and there. Now everything works great, and the parameters stay as is. So for now, this is the work around for this bug.

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