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  1. Hi everyone! I would like to ask a question about the MIDI capabilities of the keyboard I recently purchased. I connected it to the computer with the USB cable to send MIDI data, so I could play with the sampled piano sounds of the Kontakt software. Unfortunately I encounter this problem: the velocity value sent to the computer seems limited from 1 to 64, rather than the full range from 1 to 127. This means that the force applied to the keys is limited only to the first half. I tried changing the settings on the keyboard, but I didn't solve the problem, I only found a way to totally disable velocity and at that point it always and only sends the value 64. Can anyone tell me if this is a configuration problem or a limitation (hardware, software, firmware) on the PX-S1100 model? Can I solve the problem by changing some settings on the Kontakt software? Could you give me advice? Thank you! Chris
  2. Hello, I recently bought the lk-S450 and downloaded the Chordana app to transfer songs in the piano so i downloaded many midi files but not from midiworld.com, but from youtube where people were giving free midi files and those files really work on the app, i can see both hands playing but when i transfer it to the piano with a cable the piano gets it, however when i play lesson mode with both hands only the led from the left hand/left part are coloured, the right part is playing itself without waiting for me to play any key, so i tried to see if it was my files by transfering predowloaded Chordana song in the piano and in this case both hand are coloured so i think this might be a problem with the midi files but i dont really know that much about this kind of files so if anyone knows how to make it work please tell me. (the midi files i downloaded are from kesh's youtube channel if anyone wanna see those files) Thank you
  3. I’ve spent the evening experimenting with the CT-S1, the WU-BT10 adapter, and some mobile devices. One thing has me stumped right now. As I moved to testing MIDI In from an external device (iPhone, running Zenbeats, sending notes out from its timeline to CT-S1), it seems the CT-S1 only plays the default Stage Piano tone. Even if I change the Tone on the CT, the notes are still the piano (but live play on keys is the selected Tone). I’ve checked through the User Manual and MIDI spec, but it doesn’t say much about MIDI In, just Out. Before I spend hours on this: does anyone know if this is behavior as designed? Would I somehow need to execute a Program Change to get the notes to play a different Tone? Is there a comparable limit or method on other current Casio keyboards? I know not many of us yet have the CT-S1, but any advice is appreciated. TIA!
  4. My church has a Casio Privia P-400R keyboard and it only recently is being used for services. I'd like to use its MIDI capabilities but don't have an instrument definition file that I could import into Cakewalk. Does anyone have a .ins file to share? I know how to connect a PC to MIDI instruments and have both USB MIDI and audio interfaces. The only thing I don't have is an .ins file.
  5. Dear Casio owners, Hope you are well. I have developed a WebMIDI master keyboard editor that can enable any home keyboard that have MIDI port, to stack more voices than the factory default. I called it MidiStage. In this occassion, I created a custom voices dropdown for Casio PX-S1000. It should be able to change sound bank. As I only have an old PX-100, I need some volunteers of PX-S1000 owners to test MidiStage. Just simply connect your PX-S1000 to a computer/mobile devices (via USB cable) and open any webMIDI compatible browser e.g. Chrome/Opera/Edge, go to a PX-S1000 unique link below: https://midistage.com/?configUrl=demo/casio-pxs1000.json I attached a recording sample 'px100-test.mp3' and few screenshots for you. I am really keen hearing your experience or any feedback. Many thanks, Reg p.s I have stacked 5 voices of my 18 years old Casio PX-100. It sounded very dynamic as it generates voices based on my key range and velocity configuration. It was very enjoyable to play without pressing any voice buttons. px100-test.mp3
  6. Hi, I'm trying to connect my Privia PX 110 to my laptop (Which is running Windows 10) via USB Midi cables. I purchased USB Midi in/out cables however my laptop does not recognize my keyboard as a device (I am using Audacity software). Any tips and/or cable recommendations would be awesome sauce! Thanks
  7. Casio happens to have a few desktop midi synths and sound modules. I've listed a few of them in the solution, but I was wondering if there are more I don't know about. Feel free to share what you know about them! I've been looking for a VZ-10M btw, if you happen to find one up for sale, I would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks!
  8. In Finale (a music notation and playback PC program), it's possible to have it play the score by sending the MIDI signals directly to the keyboard, and then the keyboard is playing the score using its own sounds. It is definitely possible to have it play Casio tones, not just general midi tones, and this becomes really cool when playing with the versatile tones. But I can't get it to work! Does anyone know how to translate the 3 columns in the CT-S500 user guide under Tone List: "Bank Select MSB" , "Bank Select LSB" and "Program Change" into the Patch Select window in Finale, which has the options: "Bank Select 0", "Bank Select 32", and "Program Change"? I have already tried the obvious, for example for this tone which is the versatile nylon guitar, I have done this in the Finale Patch Selector menu. But that plays tone 660: GM Bandoneon (which is almost like the thing is laughing at me 😅😖) I'm pulling my hair out over this one - any help would be so appreciated!!
  9. I plug in my keyboard to my computer correctly and under the input devices in the midi settings there are no devices found. can someone help me out 😭 i tired turning off my piano then plug in and then turning it on, it doesnt work !
  10. Hello, I am currently looking for software specifically for the WK-1800 Synth (wavetable, GT-155F) Here is what I need from it: Can Read, Edit, Play, and Save .ct3 files, as well as the other WK-1800 native file formats (the WK-1800 tone file format) Can directly communicate with the WK-1800 Can save song/midi file, as well as read them can accurately emulate the wk-1800 Direct Playback on Hardware. Vertical Sequencer/Tracker Type Interface, available either natively or as a plugin. can see, use, play, and edit factory and user tones. I've got to have the Casio Tones Communicates via midi (if I have to mod my synth I am willing to, but I do not have equipment to do that with) I am wanting to make some music specifically for that synth, but I have not found any sequencers that can truly utilize or communicate with it. Especially with the strange voice limits it has when using dual-oscillator tones. (Especially multiple of those) I prefer working with trackers/vertical sequencers, but the only trackers I know of that can directly do MIDI are Open MPT and Renoise, one of which is paid, and neither of which I got working with my hardware. (I think IT/Schisim Tracker can also do MIDI, but I do not know how it set it up for them)
  11. Hey everyone, my PX - 350m is dead as a keyboard 😕 and since I’m now part of “the broken crackling noise Casio keyboards club” I’m forced to use this as a MIDI controller but I’ve got trouble once I play VSTs inside and outside kontakt, it does not matter if they are standalone or through a DAW, in most cases the velocity response is really quiet compared to when I press each key with my mouse in the VSTs interface so I believe this is a velocity problem, is there any way to control this? Are there any Casio software to control this or what can I do? Thanks for your help beforehand.
  12. After recording a song and restarting the keyboard, all settings are restted (tone for each track, drumkit, effects, levels, temperament ) Is there any solution to keep them ?? Btw, is-it possible to record the mixer parameters modifications in real time?
  13. I have a Casio PX-S1000, which I also use as a MIDI controller on Pianoteq 8. I noticed that even with an ASIO driver, the latency is still higher than with other MIDI controllers. My research then revealed that another user had noticed the same thing and found out by chance that the latency caused by the PX-S1000 depends on the sound selected on the piano. The latency is particularly high when the main piano sound is selected. If you select a different sound (e.g. organ), the additional latency added by the controller is significantly reduced, making it much easier to play overall. You then have almost direct control. If sound preset 1 remains selected, the latency is noticeably distracting. Is this known and documented somewhere? Or is there even a firmware update that fixes this effect? And I am interested in a PX-S5000 or PX-S7000. Do their MIDI implementations have the same behavior or are they even better MIDI controllers?
  14. Hi, I have a midi file created on a PC, and I have loaded it into my CASIO PX-360M. I want to be able to use it as a System Track, so that I can add other solo tracks. But when I select the new file, enter record mode, and select a Solo track as per the manual, it overwrites the file I've just loaded. Can anybody please advise what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Jack
  15. I am trying to transfer a song recorded internally on the PX S1000 to Logic Pro. This would be a convenient way to transfer small ideas recorded on the keyboard (without the computer). With a track setup that records properly whatever I play live on the keyboard, no MIDI data is received by Logic Pro if I play back a song recorded at the keyboard. Is there a way to do this? PS (I am not talking about recording the audio from the keyboard)
  16. Is there a work around to use the computer and the VK-8M at the same time? I have a Privia PX-330. I can hook it up by USB to my computer, I can hook it up to my Roland VK-8M by MIDI cable. On start up the Privia chooses the USB connection and ignores the MIDI cable connection. To use my VK-8M I have to shut down/disconnect the computer connection before the Privia starts. Is there a work around, either from the keyboard or an external device, to use them both at the same time? I’d like to be able to use my software while also using the Roland.
  17. Hi, is there a way to match the sound of Midi input to the sound that I selected from the keyboard panel? I connect the keyboard to computer via USB and edit some notes with the computer, and configured Midi out to the keyboard, I can play directly on the keyboard and also I can play from the computer, both will generate sound from the keyboard built in speakers. What I want is that when I switch a sound on the keyboard, like from piano to strings, I hope that when I play Midi from the computer to the keyboard, the sound will also be switched to strings. How do I do it? (I use a casio LK-280 but I think the setting required would be similar to most keyboard with Midi) Thank you!
  18. Hey y’all! Anyone figure out a set up (or know how to) where upper 2 is controlling MIDI device (such as another keyboard). Any insight would be appreciated. thanks, Kevin
  19. I bought my Casio Privia PX-320 keyboard several years ago and one of the goals was to use it as a controller - but I have been frustrated because of MIDI+USB driver issues related to my Lenovo laptop; and apparently there are issues in using this with my new iPad* - does anyone have suggestions? Thanks much * On Keyboard Forums, someonw wrote: Connecting a Casio keyboard to an iPad requires one of the newer keyboards produced in the last 12 to 18 months or so: ...That is to say, the keyboard must be a Class Compliant or Core MIDI (Apple) compatible device that DOES NOT REQUIRE a device specific Operating System Driver.
  20. I bought a CTK 591 for $30 and it's lots of fun! From within Logic on a Mac I defined a multi-instrument (16 midi channels) but I can only access the GM 127 tones. Is there a setting that allows midi access to all 200+ tones and rhythms?
  21. Any help on this please? I want to connect a CASIO S1000V to Logic Pro on my DAW where the is S0000V as an 'external instrument' on LP. Then using MIDI simultaneously record two tones/sounds from the S1000V (when it is in layer mode) to two tracks on LP. Something like this in parallel: Instrument A on S1000V --> LP Track 1 Lyrics B on S1000V --> LP Track 2 To record and then play back via MIDI From watching the demos this seems possible but I am not sure how to do it in terms of the MIDI settings. Do I need to set the MIDI settings on the LP? On the S1000V? Or both? A simple example of what those settings might be would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  22. I have just bought a CASIO MA-150 keyboard which has a MIDI OUT jack ("Female type"). How can I Connect this to a computer? PROBLEMS 1: Typical MIDI - to - USB connector not available in the market. PROBLEMS 2: A direct wiring from MIDI to USB does not lead to any recognition of MIDI (CASIO MA - 150) device Tried to directly make electrical connection from the MIDI OUT jack to an USB Port by various means, but Any of the MIDI ROLL PIANO software in my computer does not recognize this incoming connection (Plus horrible noise in my CASIO MA - 150 keyboard's built in loudspeakers if I try to make direct electrical connections). Also I have checked connected device in WINDOWS control panel - I didn't find any. I have tried to find CASIO driver files over the internet but it wont work. So, how could I make successful connection between my MIDI keyboard and the computer? please help me out, an early response would be highly helpful.
  23. Hi - help needed please! I have my Casio PX-S3100 plugged into ableton live. However , despite the spec of the keyboard with the high res midi , the velocity output is terrible and means that even with adjusting some velocity settings in ableton I can either effectively play loud, or if I change the settings , play quietly. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong / give me a fix to be able to play normally (ie be able to play very quietly and then very loudly without having to change the settings) Help would be extremely appreciated as I need to use this keyboard for a gig and have programmed all the patches in ableton already - thank you!!!
  24. I offer you a program to take advantage of the MIDI characteristics of CASIO WK-6600. MIDIOXE can be used in conjunction with this program. English 64bits: setup-CASIO_WK-6600_MIDI_Tools-x64.zip https://mega.nz/file/QtZ2FSga#8wQfNDB3tL02Se2FYSAV90HuuN220H1zdBWbjTLrdgc 32 bits: setup-CASIO_WK-6600_MIDI_Tools-x86.zip https://mega.nz/file/JpZmUKxJ#FEFFP5mXMvYxkO9GZAIK7-uNBc8retAy2EcIUkIb1A8 Spanish 64 bits: setup-CASIO_WK-6600_MIDI_Tools-x64.zip https://mega.nz/file/p9RmQSoT#D2sHwKpbsofJKQKaqrBvh1pZv956y5aE6WiSTX35KQ4 32 bits: setup-CASIO_WK-6600_MIDI_Tools-x86.zip https://mega.nz/file/F0JkVCbA#oxlUjy8KKNNiDJi-Pqh0-qhnS19Xqunlbxnh4Pg6loY Greetings to all.
  25. On the PSX-1100, if you record a song using the record button on the piano, is there any way to download that audio file to the tablet using the Casio app or by any other means? I connect the app to the piano and see the song I recorded but there doesn’t seem to be a way to download the file to the tablet. I just want to email the audio file to my teacher.
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