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Noise from the control panel (GP-500)

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I would like to know if some users have the same experience as me. I can hear a noise in the control panel when I play.

* The noise is like a very light crackling. A light vibration.
* It's difficult to hear it when you play, but once noticed, you hear it a lot. If you approach your ear from the control panel, it becomes very audible.
* I can hear it even when the headphone is plugged (not wearing the headphone, of course), it's not a vibration coming from the volume.
* I can also hear it if the volume is set to 0.
* I hear it in Berlin, Hamburg or VIENNA.
* I hear it even after a factory reset.
* I don't hear it when I play very slowly, with light touch. It's only when I play hard.
* The noise is the same if I play a key on the left or right of the keyboard.

* I can't hear the noise when the piano is off.


Do you experience the same ? Thank you !

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Yes Ive had my piano for only a few days and just started noticing exactly the same thing. I worked out that above the control panel is a piece of wood and if you push on it lightly it squeaks. When I held it very still and played loudly I didn't hear the sound. There is a small 1mm gap under the wood and I've wedged some card in there for now and the sound is gone. Not ideal having spent so much money on the piano but it works!

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I have a similar problem on my casio gp 510, which I bought a little over 2 weeks ago. The piece that runs the width of the piano, sitting above the keys vibrates, especially with a strong key press and on chords. It happens intermittently on mine, and occurs when the volume is up, or off, or the piano is powered off. When playing forte chords with the volume up, it vibrates even more and almost sounds like a blown speaker. I tested as kate g did, by gently pressing on the piece that is causing the problem, and it squeaks very lightly. If I press on in gently while I play, it won't resonate/vibrate. For the cost of such an instrument, nothing should be wrong with it. 


I contacted casio support by phone yesterday and they told me to contact the dealer where I purchased the instrument.  Hopefully the issue can be fixed.


I love the action on this piano and the tones, especially the Hamburg and Vienna grand. It's a shame to have something so small ruin what is otherwise a great instrument.

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