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Connected Tablet to Practice, No Audio

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I just bought a GP-310 and I am really happy with it.


However, there is one problem when connecting a tablet to the piano. While the app on the tablet detects the keys I play, the sound from the app (the backing track) is not played on the piano. Instead the sound plays from the tablet. I have read on another post in this forum that I can plug in audio from the tablet with an additional cable (line-in on the piano), but I don't have such a cable around and my previous (very cheap) piano could do it with just the one connection.


I tried using a MIDI cable as well as an USB-B cable to connect the piano - both work on the note-detection side, but no audio from the device. I also tried a different app (piano marvel) and a laptop instead of a tablet. All to the same effect.


Is this related to a setting that I need to change, or do I really have to connect the audio with an additional cable?


Thanks for your help



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