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Lambada.ckf or Lambada.Ac7 rhythm request


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Hello dear friends,
I know that the question I'm about
To ask is not appropriate in
This forum, but I'm trying my
Luck here as some members
Do own the Casio keyboards

From the past like

ctk496 to ctk700
Too I'm sure.

My question is, would any one
Of you have the Lambada style
Or rhythm as it is called in
Casio keyboards, for Casio
Keyboard!? It will be in a .ckf
Or .AC7 .
E.g. Lambada.ckf or Lambada.AC7
If anyone has it please share it 

with me


this rhythm was available in keyboards 

models starting from ctk496 to crk700.

ive come across some members here 

who own some of these keyboards.

please help me get all possible rhythms 

from these keyboards if possible.


i found ctk691 styles in .ckf extension 

on a Casio website. But sadly the rhythm 

I seek is not there.

Thank you

Sorry for off track message.

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I was away from here for some time. I lost both my parents and 

So a lot had to be left behind to settle matters. 

Sorry friends could not be on touch for a very long time.


Back to good ol music once again.


Thank you every one here.


Happy to be back.


Cheers! everyone.

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On 9/14/2022 at 12:03 PM, hant7 said:

Hello! Hant7


Greetings from Carson.


I have  Casio keyboard ctk-501.


A year 1996-97  model.


It had some interesting rhythms.


Is it possible that you maybe having those rhythms with you!?


If you could share those as a zip file in .ckf or .ac7 extensions.


I am very grateful for sharing the Lambada rhythms.


One particular rhythm that was interesting was ' Township '.ckf


If not asking for much please share all the rhythms of the ctk631

And ctk6200 keyboards so that I can use them on my Ctx-9000I keyboard.


Thank you very much and

Best regards from India


Cheers hant7

Carson Mendes 

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