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CASIO MT-1 barcode reader pen alternatives?

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Hi all


I was surprised to find this little program to use the spectrum as an alternative for the MT-1 barcode reader pen and the MT-70 or VT-5:




(I used an emulator and the code works, I did not try connecting the PC with the keyboard. Yet.)


Is there anything more "modern" available to use a PC or smartphone?



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You might be able to run a Spectrum emulator on a modern PC to do the same job. This would assume that it would be possible to route the virtual Spectrum "ports" to the real ports of a modern PC/ computer running the emulator. 

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Funny you should ask, I've got a working Arduino-based emulator going right now, just about ready to launch.  My goal is to be able to scan books into code, then play the same code back out the emulator.  It will also be able to play back home brew tunes (calculating the checksum automatically so the composer won't need to).  I'll share here when it's ready for launch, which I'm hoping will be in about a week.

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