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Chaining Patterns Without Using The Chain Feature


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I’ve been experimenting with my XW-P1 again after a long absence. Yeah, I know, that’s a dangerous time sink for me. But I keep discovering things. Like how to chain the patterns of a sequence together without using the Chain feature. This is good if you don’t want to switch patterns interactively. Or if you just want patterns that are longer than 16 steps. 

The technique involves assigning the Step Sequencer Pattern Number Select NRPN to a knob and then sending values to that knob using a control track in the pattern. The values are unique to the pattern being played and serve to switch from the current pattern to another pattern, typically the next higher-numbered pattern or the first pattern, the latter in order to make the “mini-chain” into a loop. 

I always thought that this would work but for some reason, I never tried it until today. It works as I expected. 

For now, I will leave this as “an exercise for the student” because I don’t have the time to describe the specifics of how to do it. But anyone who really delves into my modest document here will be able to figure it out because all of the required elements are described there. 

Unfortunately, the technique doesn’t allow step editing across patterns. The XW-P1 ignores the Step Sequencer Pattern Number Select NRPN  in step edit mode. A pity. 

PS. If someone here or elsewhere already posted about this capability here or elsewhere at some time since the XW synths were introduced, please let me know. I would want them to get proper credit for the technique. 


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I remember that too. It was Hypnotuba:



He (or she, who knows?) has some great examples there of wave sequencing, which is quite a different thing than what I'm talking about above but fascinating in its own right. There have been discussions in the forum about how to formalize wave sequencing as a technique on the XW-P1 and XW-G1. Monophonically, either XW synth can sequence the waves of up to four oscillators in the solo synth. If all four are needed in a tone, then it can do 16 waves in each of the four sequences. If no more than three oscillators are needed in a tone, then the technique presented here could extend their wave sequences to as many as 128 waves.  


PS. In one of the comments on the SoundCloud page at the link, Hypnotuba said he is a member of the forums here. If he still posts here, maybe he will chime in!


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