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PX-350 Song Playback from USB: No files no matter what I do


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I'm trying to play along with a song on a PX-350 from my music library from the USB stick. It is a proper 16-bit WAV file and I've tried putting it in the Play/A directory, I've tried putting it in the Audio directory name TAKE01.wav nothing works. 


The manual is very confusing and the forum discussions are also confusing. How, for example, are you supposed to playback from the AUDIO folder? How is the device supposed to find the files?



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Ensure your USB drive is properly formatted (FAT32), and the files are in a compatible format like MIDI or WAV. Double-check that the files aren't in nested folders and that there are no special characters in their names. If the issue persists, consult the PX-350 manual or contact customer support for further assistance.

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