Pseudo-Envelope Controlled Filtering of Hex Layer Tone 1.0.0

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About This File

Here's an example of a "pseudo-envelope" created with the step sequencer. It is used within a Performance to modulate the center frequency of the bandpass filter in the Wah DSP effect within a custom Hex Layer tone. The tone is based on the preset tone "Analogued" (P2-8) but modified with a different attack and to turn off the LFO in the Wah effect. A so-called "Null" arpeggio is used only in zone 2 (which consequently becomes silent) in order to trigger the pseudo-envelope on every keypress to emulate a real filter envelope. You can read more about the technique here.


There are four components in the zip file: a Performance, a custom Hex Layer tone, a step sequence and an arpeggio. Load them where you want to in your XW synth. Now edit the Performance to point to all of the other components.

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