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  1. seeking a better piano sound

    I had a similar issue and my low cost solution was to connect a 5.1 Speaker system with a Sub. This is Logitech X-540 system available for PCs and I connected the headphones output to it so I can have the "stereo" effect and I placed the small speakers behind the piano. The Sub is below in the floor and the "bass" effect is set at 50%. The result is a more full sound with more bass. I also connect a set of headphones to the Logitech system for a better audio quality in headphones. I hope this helps.
  2. This might help: i suggest to disconnect power before attempting to do this and wait a few hours before plugging in again. I suggest also to disconnect all other plugs from the keyboard, i.e. external speakers, and try different headphones and earplugs; you might find that earplugs with lower impedance might give you some sound and hints about the origin of the problem. Have you tried to connect your headphones to the Line Out on the back of the keyboard? Are you using a converter, i.e. from 2.5mm to 1/4? If you do, test in a different equipment to see if it has an issue. I hope you can fix your problem.
  3. Thanks a lot for your answer. I will see if I can get the AKGs. I do know those are really good headphones. I found them for 67 USD in Amazon.
  4. In case someone is interested I have tested the following obtaining good results: I connected a small Amp to the headphone jack and the headphones to the Amp. The result was an immediate improvement in volume and sound quality using the Harman Kardon, the improvement was marginal with the Bose Q25. I used a Lepai Class T 2020A for this test but I am planning to buy a headphone Amp of better quality.
  5. Thanks a lot for your answer. Yes, this is a mechanical sound when the pedal is pressed. It is still in guarantee period but they said they won't give me another but they will send it for review which worries me.
  6. My Privia PX-350 seems to be very temperamental about head phones. The only Headphones producing a decent (But not perfect) sound are the Harman Kardon Classic. I have tried with a pair of Bose Q25 using the original cable and a 1/4 adapter and using a special cable with a 1/4 connector and the sound is really bad. I have tried with a pair of Sony (Low cost, about 40 USD) with similar results. I have tried multiple combinations: Only the headphones connected, Headphones+a cable in the Amp out, Headphones in the Amp out. Any recommendations of what headphones I should use to obtain good audio from the Privia or should I consider a Headphone amp? PS: I know audio quality is very subjective but what I obtain is low volume audio with really bad definition. Thanks.
  7. Please your help. I would like to hear from other SP33 owners if their Damper Pedal makes a clicking noise when pressed. My SP33 unit is brand new and has this problem since day one. It seems to be a mechanical issue and it is not permanent, I mean, if I press it slowly, nothing happens but any rapid action will make the "click" sound. Any help is appreciated.