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  1. Hi Mike, have my casio px 560 out of monsoon storage, some condensation happened, but a fan cleared it, and all keys work proper again. Not so for my usb midi connection. It shows on the computer but cannot find the proper drivers, or records only and not playback. My new mixer works fine with the usb out on my pc. Not the casio however. Can this be humidity? How to open and clean?

  2. About the humidity creating false tones: one night a fan on top did the miracle! Clear again! Now finding all my settings back....


  3. Help! Can't download Firmware 1.13. Please assist

    I'll put it on dropbox but confirmed that the link from the Casio site works perfectly. https://www.dropbox.com/s/l8p6ktk3zbkqhj7/PX-5S_Updater-1_13_141001.zip?dl=0
  4. The XW-P1 remains one of my all time favorite instruments. I have actually spent a lot of time with it recently as one of our artists, Steve Weingart will taking his XW-P1 on tour with David Sanborn. The XW-P1 has an amazing quality and character that fits in perfectly with other instruments (including our own PX-5S and PX-560). I also was exploring areas of the XW-P1 such as its HexLayer section which are actually remarkably different sounding than the versions in the PX-5S, PX-560 and MZ-X500. I've tried to recreate many sounds on the PX-5S that I have on the XW-P1 and they simply don't sound the same at all. The XW-P1 also has several other advantages in its wide selection of waveforms that only exist on the XW-P1. Probably the biggest weakness of the XW-P1 is the onboard DSP effects. I find myself using pedals and other outboard gear with it and it is simply amazing.
  5. Hi Mike!
    You are the reason I own an XW-P1. Thank you so much for opening this synth up to novices like me.
    I have your Vangelis lead. It's fantastic. My question is about what other patches or synth settings exist on the P1 that replicate CS-80 sounds (or if there are other downloads).
    Thank you.

  6. The Casio Pro 300 was sold in 1992 at MSRP $699.99 AD5 Power Adapter Midi Sustain pedal input 61 full sized keys 100 instrument sounds from 12 bit PCM Casio fingered chord with auto harmonize function Digital effects processor/ 8 presets and 2 user programs Bass refex audio system
  7. PX-780 problem creating a preset

    I think Casio tech support should have answered your question today, but I'll put it here for others. Before pressing Function and the Rhythm editor button you first have to choose a Music Preset - this is done by pressing function and adjacent button labeled Music Preset. Once you have a Music Preset selected, then press Function and the Rhythm editor button together and you're in the Music Preset Editor.
  8. Firmware 1.14 released

    With the exception of the Celviano Grand Hybrid, Casio only manufactures one 88-key weighted keyboard action. This same action is used in all Privia models starting at the PX-160 up to the PX-5S, PX-560 as well as furniture models like the PX-860. This same action is used in the Celviano AP-260, AP-460 and AP-650. They're all the same.
  9. Firmware 1.14 released

    Understood but the "Auto Resolution" parameter has always been there, the implementation is just better now. Probably what they mean by "improving certain operation".
  10. Firmware 1.14 released

    Trade shows like NAMM and MusikMesse are primarily designed to gain sales and distribution on Casio's latest products. The Grand Hybrid is is Casio's main focus no question. We actually had the Grand Hybrid placed in two booths at Winter NAMM in January. That being said, we had 2 PX-560's in our booth (one on stage and one for people to try out) as well as 2 PX-5S and 2 MZ-X500 configured the same way. The reality is, we have a lot of products to show and the newer products; in this case Grand Hybrid and MZ-X generally get more of the spotlight. That being said Kristian Terzic was performing on a PX-560 throughout the entire MusikMesse show - perhaps you missed that?
  11. Firmware 1.14 released

    Simone, This is my post from the FB group in regards to the knobs. I'll be checking into some other issues you describe as soon as possible. One thing you state above however is not factual. The keyboard in the PX-5S and PX-560 are identical. There are no physical changes in the action between the two products. ------ Okay, I spent some time with this and I understand the changes with the knob behavior. This is a good thing in my opinion, let me explain. Before v1.14, broad parameter changes were challenging. It was NOT possible as an example to do a smooth filter cutoff sweep using the knob. Some of use would resort to using the Modwheel as a filter control as it was the only way to get a smooth filter sweep as an example. Now with v1.1.4 as long as the "Auto Resolution" parameter is ON (found in the menu under the knob assignment), this is great for these broad expressive changes in layer balance, filter or parameters. The issue that some of you have discovered is that it is more difficult to do precise adjustments in EQ as an example. In the knob value. Set the "Auto Resolution" to off and you'll see that each "click" of the knob precisely adjusts the values. So you'll want to change the Auto Resolution parameter based on the type of control you're looking for.
  12. Midi playback over (preferably over USB)

    1. The MIDI File needs to be edited contain the program changes to point towards the sound that you want. 2. Yes. 3. It can send program changes to the Casio, but it can't turn on/off split.
  13. Rhodes sounds distorting PA

    One possibility that is not been mentioned here is whether or not the built-in speakers are active or disabled. The PX-560 like all Privia models with speakers has a final EQ stage that is specifically for the built-in speaker system. The only way this EQ can be bypassed is to disable the speaker system. This will provide a flat audio signal to the line output and I suspect may solve the issue. This is mentioned in the manual although the Japanese to English may not be so clear.
  14. Is the PX-560 blocked from receving sysex?

    What are you trying to send?
  15. What's the deal with the jumpy volume pedal?

    As mentioned in the other thread there is a firmware update coming later this month to address volume pedal response. The FC7 however is not compatible.