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  1. Casio MZ-2000 For Sale

    These don't come up very often for sale, but here you go. I have mine and love it, just passing along a great Casio for someone else to buy. http://www.ebay.com/itm/291931841252?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  2. Sweet Dreams Stage Setting (PX-5s)

    No, do that with the MZ-2000 and you will be on my Christmas list.
  3. Next for XW line

    That is why I'm sitting tight to have a companion for my MZ-2000.
  4. Using XW-G1 with external daw like bitwig

    You might try and download a midi monitor app. (I use my Casio MZ-2000 with Ableton Live 9) Go to the App Store and search Midi Monitor, there are a few so now you can see what is going out and coming in.
  5. Ideas for Casio's Next Synth Platform

    Nice ideas, now do it all for .99 cents including shipping and I'm in.
  6. Midi Designer and the MZ-2000

    Ok, just curios. Do you by chance create a template?
  7. Is it possible for any of the Casio Synths, in particular the XW-P1 to create this lead synth sound from the the group Ott - The Queen of All Everything? It almost has a bit of a vocoder sound with some filter sweeps. Here is the link to the song and the synth sound is that warbley, breathy vocoder type sound. It starts at 1.03 the sound is really prevalent at the 5:45 mark of the song, and then again at the very end where you can hear the filter sweep.
  8. Any thoughts on running Midi Designer via an iConnect Midi from an iPad into a Casio MZ-2000?
  9. Casio Headphones

    They sound fine, the round ear cups don't fit my big ears well, so something a bit more oblong is what I'm currently looking for. It's the quality that I'm upset about. Like I stated in my original post, the head band is cheap and it tears, just a poor design I'd say. Since they are out of warranty there is nothing Casio will do about them even though this is my second pari with the exact same issue, so I'm done with Casio for headphones.
  10. Casio Headphones

    I'm on my second pair of Casio XW-H2 headphones, and yep these too are splitting right on top of the headband area. The first pair I bought were new from a guy on eBay and when they split I contacted Casio and they would honor a replacement because the the guy wasn't an official Casio reseller. Ok, I sent them back and they should me a pair at a discounted price. This pair is doing the exact same thing. Anyone else have this issue? I have to admit, it's a design flaw and this will be my last pair of these headphones.
  11. USB Stick

    If you submit the Casio logo/font to that company, could you infringe on copyright laws?
  12. Interesting competitor to PX series?

    Who knows what the next NAMM might bring from Casio? No crystal ball here, just saying.
  13. Quick Survey

    Yes, iPad 3, 64 gig
  14. How many keys for a jam session?

    Maybe Casio will make a XWP&G1PX5S so you will just need to take one.

    I will sell mine when the XW-P1 AFD is released.