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  1. What's the quickest way to return to 1-1 on the registry???? Okay, I played the song using 2-6 now next song is 1-1 ???? Too bad Casio removed the Keypad for selecting tones -- that is a design flaw.
  2. What happened to Pedal Steel ???? The 3800 had a great Pedal steel sound . . . they seem to have removed it from the WK 7500 ??? Unless the paper print listing of sounds is wrong. What were they thinking????? Anybody know how to get a pedal steel sound?
  3. Yes, and had a WK 3800 but never really did anyting with it other than just live performance with unaltered tones. Then several years off, now back with a 7500, expecting it to be a low easier, but disappointed because it has the same level of complication as the 3800 ... and not a good of sounds. The 3800 had a killer hammond, and the leslie was convincing. Why they eliminated that, I have no idea!
  4. I need to do a volumn correction and don't know how. In the song "Long Black Veil" by the BAND off the "Big Pink" album, they start the song with a killer electric piano. During the chorus an "Theater" organ comes in the background ... sounding very "Band" When I split the keyboard 60's Vintage Electric Keyboard and "Theater Organ" the volumn of the organ is about 100 times that of the Whirly and blows up the speakers. It's supposed to be very subtle in the background. So: How to turn down the UPPER split ??? Thanks
  5. Casio 7500 When I kick in the leslie on any of the drawbar Organ setups, it seems to go way too fast, causing sort of a warbling sound. Has anyone figured out a fix for this???? Is there a way to set the speed?
  6. IPad connection question

    I had very bad results with latency via Bluetooth ... use cables only.
  7. I haven't noticed an intrusive keyboard noise on my 7500. I only have one gripe, and that's the stupid spinning dial for selecting sounds rather than the direct keypad input. What were they thinking!
  8. fender rhodes

    The iLectric app nails it -- and I use that IK Multimedia with the iRig Keys Pro but haven't yet figured out how to get it working with the WK (7500) brattonken -- are you using the app with the WK ???
  9. Is anyone using the IK Multimedia product called "Sample Tank" with the 7500 ??? Are there tips on getting started ... the tap and click interface is way far advanced and way far easier to use :-) Thanks in advance
  10. Auto arpegginator use of

    Apologizing in advance for stupid beginner question ... I think it would be swell if someone explained wht the Arpeggio function does, and how to use it. If it's what I think it is, I think I'd really like to use it. :-)
  11. WK 7500 : Temperament ???

    Seriously???? What were they thinking ??? I read up on this and it just about doesn't make any sense at all. Why did they spend the time implementing that feature when one in a million might use it ... when they should have been spending the time on making the interface and instructions human-readable. Sheesh. http://www.albany.edu/piporg-l/tmprment.html
  12. >> Adjust the level of the organ channel to suit your tastes. Sorry, but there doesn't seem to be any way to change the volume ????
  13. In the absense of online learning for the CASIO I often look at others. Maybe you've seen Ed Diaz series on Roland ... this one got me inspired so I attempted some arpeggios on the CASIO with disastrous results. . . . https://youtu.be/ycKd0AL-R-s Is there a trick to getting CASIO Arpeggios to work... I thought I followed each step of the instructions but they never came on. At one point the whole keyboard went dead and I had to power down and back up. It's just a shame there aren't better training aids. I sometimes think I bought the wrong keyboard, just to save a few bucks. Signed Bewildered
  14. hmmmmmm . . . that sounds excellent -- I'm going to try that. . . . thanks. Comment : some of the tones have lingering secondary tones. How are they done? For instance, the Piano-Pad, or Piano-strings will play piano staccato as long as you're playing, but with the pedal held down, the sound will play until you let up on the pedal. So, if I wanted for instance, a piano with soft brass section in the background, would that be created as a user sound as well? What would be the work flow? (Bonnie Raitt's "Guilty")