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  1. Configuring classic sound hell

    There is a VOX continental type of sound Hex Layer in the downloads, might help
  2. I've got an XW-P1, quite happy with its workings. Something I haven't quite learned to do is how to make the volumes of each performance more or less even with each other (stacking a Hex Layer and four drums makes it quite louder, something that is not always what I want). Sometimes, in the gig, I have to turn the volume knob up or down quite a lot with some tracks. I guess that I could lower the volume of those loud performances within programming, but haven't been round to how to even the volumes out of 50 performances. Any tips for better programming? I Guess that this issue could apply to any other keyboard, but post here as there may be a solution using the interface of the XW ... Cheers
  3. Hex & Solo XW-P1

    This is really great. With a little tweaking, I've done lots of songs with this set. Thank you.
  4. 80s Hex Layers

    Version 1.0.0


    Some hex layer and PCM tones I've worked on.
  5. 80s Hex Layers

    80s Hex Layers View File Some hex layer and PCM tones I've worked on. Submitter mertyuy Submitted 08/27/2017 Category XW-P1  
  6. Another Depeche Mode Attempt

    Yet another attempt! https://soundcloud.com/emiliano-castrill-n/enjoy-the-silence-depeche-mode-cover
  7. Queens solo-synth Break Free.

    Thanks, I've played that solo before. Will try it with your preset.
  8. hex não, mas tente com sintetizadores e pcm melodia
  9. Nice! Thanks also for putting the audio demo.
  10. "All" file for XW-P1: 80s, New Wave and Post Punk

    Here's a preview for Blue Monday by New Order.
  11. "All" file for XW-P1: 80s, New Wave and Post Punk

    Feedback would be great. I'll share another version of this next week.
  12. Playing midi file with xw-p1

    Also, the drums are changed for an organ, or a piano, don't know if there's a way to change it back...
  13. Playing midi file with xw-p1

    I checked that out with some midi files I downloaded from the internet, and you can use any sound from channel 1 (being it a hex layer, solo synth, or pcm tone that you choose before entering player mode, you can't change it while you play the midi file).
  14. Bob pack

    Really great, loved the DX and the rhodes.
  15. Playing midi file with xw-p1

    I tried to play a wav file from the SD card some time ago,and entering the player I could only use the solosynth 0-0. Not sure if it's the same with MIDI files.