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  1. Just saw it on Fry's web-site. Clearance for PD-1 and DJ-1.
  2. You can get a used (in excellent conditions ) Roland FA 08 for ~$1200 or FA 06 for ~900. Which is not arranger at all, but it is a real workstation. MOXF 08 and 06 at the same price range as FA. Korg Krome provides the same level as FA and MOXF. If you care only about quality and price (and do not need a piano keyboard) look at used Korg Kronos 06 (that would above your badget). For arranges all Korg PA line is great or Roland BK 3 through 9. Yamaha MOTIF XS rack another good option as an arranger and as a workstation. etc... As a sampler - Roland SP-404SX can be a stand-alone solution.
  3. CDP-235CSCB

    Yesteday saw in Castco new CDP. Casio 88 Key Digital Piano Bundle - CDP-235CSCB For $449. This is CDP - which means it is built on GM engine. 88 Scaled, Weighted Hammer-action Keys 700 Tones and 200 Rhythms Six-track Recorder Plus Sampling Function Step-Up Lesson System with 152 Easy-to-learn Songs Includes AC Adapter, Music Rest, Sustain Pedal and Song Book This version includes some styles (the arranger feature). I can compare CDP-235 with Yamaha DGX series.
  4. Since your are buying a brand new one I can recommend to check Roland FP-30, Kawai ES 110 and Korg Kross 2 88 (! same price range). Let know what is better in your opinion.
  5. B to B usb casio equipment connectivity

    Leon Little , How is it going?
  6. B to B usb casio equipment connectivity

    I am not sure what is PD. However in order to connect one instrument to another one, use MIDI - 5 pin DIN / 5 pin DIN. If there is only B-USB and no 5 pin MIDI jack. I would try to use USB to MIDI converter and still MIDI to MIDI cable.
  7. B to B usb casio equipment connectivity

    Seems like you need MIDI to MIDI 5Din.
  8. Morning Rituals.

    ritual vs repertoire My day always starts from going through my repertoire. That is my warm-up routine.( takes quite some time:) )
  9. PX-360 max USB memory stick size?

  10. sad

    My has extended warranty to 3 years. To extend the warranty I had to register my unit on the Casio website.
  11. Volume Jumping w/ Expression Pedals

    As far as I remember value CC is 7.
  12. PX560 as a Master MIDI controller

    PX is a MIDI controller but it is not designed to controlling DAWs. Touchscreen kills all of the beauty of using real knobs and sliders. Compare it to at least Krome, MOXF8 or FA( FA is not a master controller it the monster controller ). Something as MPD can serve as staring point for a little money or as an extension to many workstations with limited number of knows, sliders, buttons. Plus it has the repeat function which is cool ;). However if you pair PX with Yamaha Rack XS that will be something awesome Большинство МИДИ параметров остаются скрытыми. PX не был разработан с целью предоставления функциональности котроллера который мог бы стать центром утравления студией. Так как используемые ЧИПЫ стандартны можно с лёгкостью получить достую ко множеству стандартных параметров скрытых в PX. Что в принципе не имеет большого смысла, так как набор инструменотов PX это в своём подовляющем большинстве GM. Я поступил просто добавил FA 08( сверх открытая система) и MPD чтобы компенсировать недостаток количества регуляторов. Правильнее было бы конечно заменить всё на Кронос или Montage и не мучаться
  13. PX-360 max USB memory stick size?

    Why PX-360 not PX-350?
  14. Organ rotary speed toggle?

    I checked it yesterday. CC 12-19 do not control drawbars. However I use a different approach. Have a studio set with at least 8 B3s. On each channel only one pipe(harmonic) is on. MIDI controller configured to control volume of these channels(like 8 sliders controls volume of 8 channels individually). I do this on FA08 since PX does not provide access to drawbars settings. About the rotation speed - I tested it yesterday - there is a simple MIDI CC which controls the speed. I do not remember the code but you should be able to find it yourself easily. PX does not have articulation pedal(assignable) as other synth may. Plus I did not check whether PX supports this code(I think it should because this is a standard CC). On FA 08 the speed can be controlled and changed smoothly if you know which code to assign to a knob or a slider or to a pedal.
  15. PX-360 max USB memory stick size?

    Keep in mind you need to buy SP-33 (triple pedal unit). I have it for at least two years and use it with every keyboard(Casio, Roland and Yamaha). SP-33 works great. PX350 has SP32 (I think) please correct me if I am wrong. Make sure jacks on SP32 and SP33 are compatible.
  16. Organ rotary speed toggle?

    I know CC 33 is a toggle between slow and fast rotation speed. Also there are CC 12-19 for drawbars. The limits for drawbars should be set to 0 - 127. But I use an external MIDI controller.
  17. sad

    What does it mean "randomly lose every sound"? What exactly does not work?(You cannot find something you previously saved; Saving does not not store all changes; Loading does not apply all stored parameters) Or it happens sporadically an dtoo difficult to describe. ( Just a note: working with media and styles is not the strongest side on Privia for instance.I have quit using it. It is just a sound box for me)
  18. Yamaha Genos - fresshhh