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  1. Morning Rituals.

    ritual vs repertoire My day always starts from going through my repertoire. That is my warm-up routine.( takes quite some time:) )
  2. PX-360 max USB memory stick size?

  3. sad

    My has extended warranty to 3 years. To extend the warranty I had to register my unit on the Casio website.
  4. Volume Jumping w/ Expression Pedals

    As far as I remember value CC is 7.
  5. PX560 as a Master MIDI controller

    PX is a MIDI controller but it is not designed to controlling DAWs. Touchscreen kills all of the beauty of using real knobs and sliders. Compare it to at least Krome, MOXF8 or FA( FA is not a master controller it the monster controller ). Something as MPD can serve as staring point for a little money or as an extension to many workstations with limited number of knows, sliders, buttons. Plus it has the repeat function which is cool ;). However if you pair PX with Yamaha Rack XS that will be something awesome Большинство МИДИ параметров остаются скрытыми. PX не был разработан с целью предоставления функциональности котроллера который мог бы стать центром утравления студией. Так как используемые ЧИПЫ стандартны можно с лёгкостью получить достую ко множеству стандартных параметров скрытых в PX. Что в принципе не имеет большого смысла, так как набор инструменотов PX это в своём подовляющем большинстве GM. Я поступил просто добавил FA 08( сверх открытая система) и MPD чтобы компенсировать недостаток количества регуляторов. Правильнее было бы конечно заменить всё на Кронос или Montage и не мучаться
  6. PX-360 max USB memory stick size?

    Why PX-360 not PX-350?
  7. Organ rotary speed toggle?

    I checked it yesterday. CC 12-19 do not control drawbars. However I use a different approach. Have a studio set with at least 8 B3s. On each channel only one pipe(harmonic) is on. MIDI controller configured to control volume of these channels(like 8 sliders controls volume of 8 channels individually). I do this on FA08 since PX does not provide access to drawbars settings. About the rotation speed - I tested it yesterday - there is a simple MIDI CC which controls the speed. I do not remember the code but you should be able to find it yourself easily. PX does not have articulation pedal(assignable) as other synth may. Plus I did not check whether PX supports this code(I think it should because this is a standard CC). On FA 08 the speed can be controlled and changed smoothly if you know which code to assign to a knob or a slider or to a pedal.
  8. PX-360 max USB memory stick size?

    Keep in mind you need to buy SP-33 (triple pedal unit). I have it for at least two years and use it with every keyboard(Casio, Roland and Yamaha). SP-33 works great. PX350 has SP32 (I think) please correct me if I am wrong. Make sure jacks on SP32 and SP33 are compatible.
  9. Organ rotary speed toggle?

    I know CC 33 is a toggle between slow and fast rotation speed. Also there are CC 12-19 for drawbars. The limits for drawbars should be set to 0 - 127. But I use an external MIDI controller.
  10. sad

    What does it mean "randomly lose every sound"? What exactly does not work?(You cannot find something you previously saved; Saving does not not store all changes; Loading does not apply all stored parameters) Or it happens sporadically an dtoo difficult to describe. ( Just a note: working with media and styles is not the strongest side on Privia for instance.I have quit using it. It is just a sound box for me)
  11. Yamaha Genos - fresshhh
  12. PX-360 max USB memory stick size?

    Just curious why 360 and not CGP? Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source vs MXi (Multi-Expressive Integrated) Sound Source.
  13. I do not remember that metronome speed parameter was mentioned in any MIDI specifications. You can go to official MIDI site and check MIDI specs in order to answer on your question..
  14. sad

    Change the memory card(stick). I do not think this related to Casio at all since Casio does not make memory sticks nor memory controllers. I think that your problem is solvable..
  15. CDP-235CSCB

    Yesteday saw in Castco new CDP. Casio 88 Key Digital Piano Bundle - CDP-235CSCB For $449. This is CDP - which means it is built on GM engine. 88 Scaled, Weighted Hammer-action Keys 700 Tones and 200 Rhythms Six-track Recorder Plus Sampling Function Step-Up Lesson System with 152 Easy-to-learn Songs Includes AC Adapter, Music Rest, Sustain Pedal and Song Book This version includes some styles (the arranger feature). I can compare CDP-235 with Yamaha DGX series.
  16. I would be happy to see a sound module with arranger functionality.
  17. You are not along. Mechanical noise of Casio's keyboards is a huge problem. I reported it long time ago. I have even replaced it with newer models (2 times). The bottom line other brands are more friendly to home environment. My Casio sits under the desk and serves only as a sound bank. I think your neighbor is very unhappy and there is a good reason for that. The most of noise made when keys are going up. Try to play without sound. You will understand how noisy it can be. Casio must fix this issue if they want to keep high reputation. There is a proven solution - I have purchased Roland FA-08
  18. CGP 700 sustain pedal issue

    As far as I know PX and CGP have the same engine. Which Kurzweil do you have and how would you compare grand piano from Casio and from Kurzweil? Do you hear any imperfections in Kurzweil sound?
  19. CGP 700 Sound Disappointment

    Recently came back from Vegas. I saw that local musicians are using a lot cheap Yamahas and Privia. Just want to share some experience I had: I was passing by a bar in my resort I heard excellent piano. I knew that bands are changing every night, so I stopped to look inside - who is playing and most importantly what he is playing on. Hah. To my surprise it was one person, playing on Casio PX 360. The sound was just like a concert grand piano. Awesome !!!
  20. CGP 700 sustain pedal issue

    I see. But this is the expected behavior. What you can do is to try to assign a different stings. Maybe some of them will work as you need. I may try to check whether any strings fades while sustain is on. You also can reduce level on the strings channel. Privia does not provide access to articulation(expression) though an external pedal. You could try to control it over an external MIDI controller with a pedal or over breath control on another keyboard But that would be too exotic. As a workaround if you do not need to perform it live you can record in DAW and modify level of dynamics for the strings channel for every note.
  21. CGP 700 sustain pedal issue

    It does not look like an issue at all. Instruments such as guitar, Electic Piano, harpsichord, bell will fade, . But the most of brasses, organs, strings will stay at the same level.
  22. CGP-700 Speakers audio level issue

    check the level on the active channel as well.