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  1. MIDI Key/Note Off Velocity

    You are probably right about the hardware and how it affects Pianoteq's sound quality. I think they recommend a multi-core CPU like an Intel i3 or better. My laptop and desktop are probably a bit under-powered, so I am hoping a better system will improve the sound quality and options that I can choose.
  2. MIDI Key/Note Off Velocity

    I typically prefer using simple sounds that are very close to a real piano and allow a wide range of dynamic expression. The PX-560 default Grand Piano (GrPnoConcert) is fine but is a bit soft for me, so I tweaked it a bit to give it more bite. There are some notes an octave above middle C that seem a bit off to me, but overall the piano sounds are good and very usable. I really like Pianoteq and the flexibility it has to adjust so many parameters (sometimes too many if you know what I mean). It is amazing how Modartt is able to model a piano so realistically. It is not perfect but very good. There are a variety of piano packs that you can get. I like the Bluthner. It really helps to calibrate Pianoteq with the controller you are using. I prefer a fully weighted keyboard rather than a synth or semi-weighted one. I found that the keyboard velocity set up significantly affects the sound (the default velocity setting is not the best for me and typically made the sound more muffled and dull for my playing style). Everyone's touch is a little different so adjusting it to your unique playing style can really improve the control of the sound. I also noticed changing the setting between "Sound Recording" or "Stereophonic" can significantly affect the sound especially when playing through headphones. I prefer using the Stereophonic setting with headphones. For some reason it sounds better to me and is not so "airy" with some of the default piano sounds. If I had multiple speakers located strategically around me, I'd probably enjoy the "Sound Recording" setting and adjusting the mic locations for hours and hours. But like you said, there are many configuration and piano packs. Some of the Pianoteq sound demos that I have heard are amazing, and I often wish I knew how to duplicate the sound. I have really enjoyed using the PX-560 as a stand-alone piano/keyboard and as a controller for Pianoteq. If I had to pick my favorite piano tone, I would say Pianoteq, but I am very, very happy with both.
  3. Potential sensor/keyboard problem with fast key attack

    Thanks for the video. I tried to duplicate your video technique with multiple organ and synth sounds all across my keyboard and was still not able to duplicate the problem. Just curious, what sound did you use in your video? I wonder if this is related to your other post about note off velocity not working. I have never adjusted any note off settings (I am not even sure where or if this is a setting option) on my keyboard that I can recall, so I am not sure why yours is behaving the way it is. Hopefully some other users can try too and see if they can duplicate it. If not then maybe a warranty repair is worth considering.
  4. Potential sensor/keyboard problem with fast key attack

    I purchased my keyboard in the US and have had it for almost a year now. I have not experienced this problem so far even after trying to duplicate what you described. I tried for a good 30 seconds of rapid play and could not duplicate it. Does it only occur after a certain period of time? If you do have a recording of it, that may be helpful. Thanks.
  5. MIDI Key/Note Off Velocity

    I have Pianoteq Standard and the PX-560 does seem to support key off velocity. When I click on the Pianoteq Calibration button and follow the prompts, it states that the keyboard does send NOTE-OFF velocity. I can see that it registers releasing a key slowly or quickly. I did the calibration using the PX-560 default Grand Piano button setting, so I didn't have to change any settings.
  6. Plugging my guitar in?

    I have read some reviews that state this is possible too, but so far I have not had any success adding keyboard effects to the LINE-IN ports. Has anyone else been able to do this?
  7. iMidiPatchbay great news

    KevinM, Thanks a lot for posting. It took me a while to figure things out too and your comments were very helpful. I didn't realize at first that there is an Appendix list of sounds that came with the PX-560 (it is also downloadable on the Casio support website). With that list and the MSB and program numbers, you can choose any of the sounds. And with the ease of saving setups and naming them, iMIDIPatchbay is great for quick performance changes. On a side note, when I first started the app, I got a message saying it would not support the next iOS. I was concerned because I also read this online somewhere in another forum, so I contacted them and was told they will update the app before iOS 11 comes out. If that holds true, then this is also great news.
  8. iMidiPatchbay great news

    I got the MD821ZM/A cable and works fine with imidipatchbay. Thanks.
  9. iMidiPatchbay great news

    Thanks for sharing about imidipatchbay. Regarding the camera kit adapter, did you use the Apple lightning to USB cable MD821ZM/A or do you need to use the power-capable lightning to USB 3 cable MK0W2AM? Thanks.
  10. "Vibrato" sound on 560 Piano tones?

    You are welcome Colin. It is a fantastic digital piano with a lot of great features. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do!
  11. "Vibrato" sound on 560 Piano tones?

    Based on your video, it sounds like your modulation wheel is turned on. Try adjusting your modulation wheel (the right wheel of the two on the left of the keyboard).

    I have really enjoyed using the PX-560. I greatly appreciate Mike Martin and the other people who have uploaded PX-560 sounds to share. I also appreciate PianoManChuck's numerous videos. At the moment there seems to be a lot more PX-5S sounds available from this forum, but I am hoping more PX-560 users will add to the collection. Any ideas if Casio may release more too? Thanks.