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  1. I think it worked i have also uploaded the user samples and some of your other sounds and samples, very nice!! the other files still don't work but I don't care!!! Now it's time to get to work! Thank you very much BradMZ you've helped me a great lot! cheers
  2. hello BradMZ, still no success - I also tried to load some some sounds I found on internet but I get the same error message. Do you think it could depend on the Firmward (I still have the original 1.0)? In any case, after all the synth is working perfectly so I guess I'd make a better use of it by playing!! cheers!
  3. Hi! yes - I have followed the instruction to the letter. still no success unfortunately...thx!
  4. Hi Forum Team, I am a fresh new XW-G1 user from Munich! This synth is just great Congratulation for the great Forum! I bought it second-hand and I am trying to restore the factory content; I have copied the "INITDATA.ZAL" from the Casio website on an SD card, and followed the instruction but I always get some "Wrong Data" error message when I try to transfer it. Any idea about what I could be doing wrong? BTW I have tryied to save/reload the current Synth setup and that seems to work. Thanks in advance from Germany, Gian