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Found 35 results

  1. I am new to this forum. I am looking to buy a Casio keyboard for my daughter (beginner pianist). I found a Casio Privia PX-120 at a reasonable price. The person says that it was purchased last year. Looks to be in mint condition. I am searching all over the web and cannot seem to find any recent info or discussions on this model. Everything dates back to 2008.... Not sure how new or how good this model is. The color of the keyboard is a slate grey. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks. Jeff
  2. Hello Casio Community! I have a px-350x casio privia, which I thought would be close enough to be on the 360 forum. I was wondering whether my piano has a tone making feature. I have looked through the manual, but it is unclear. Please respond, A Casio customer.
  3. I've really enjoyed the demo songs on this piano, sometimes I would let it run for hours as background music. But I'm ready for a new playlist. Is there any way to load new MIDI songs onto this keyboard? I would love to have a bunch of Jazz standards to listen to--especially since I've started to learn Jazz piano.
  4. Can anyone pls explain how to repeat a song in my casio privia px-150 music library. For example automatically playingback repeatedly song 21 instead of it changing to another song
  5. Hello everyone. Can someone please explain how to convert yamaha sty files to casio MIDI for my Casio Privia PX-150?
  6. Where Download new sounds and rhythms and Put any someone knows? i created a group about casio px360 if u wanna get in https://www.facebook.com/groups/1800562313557181/?fref=ts
  7. New arrangement "Lullaby - Rainbow in the night" Nov 18, 2016 With a little extension(Piano): https://soundcloud.com/sergey-slyutov/dreaming-horsies-by-sergey Original edition. Just piano. Lullaby. Dreaming Horsies (Lullaby) by Sergey Slyutov.mp3
  8. Help! Can't record to my Macbook

    I have a Casio Privia PX160 and I'm trying to record the audio (not MIDI) to my Macbook Pro 13". Unfortunately, I haven't been successful. At first, I tried connecting a simple male-to-male auxiliary cable from the headphone port in the Casio to the dual headphone/mic port in the computer. This kind of worked, but the cable ended up recording BOTH the sound of the piano and the ambient sounds in the room—I hadn't realized that the cable had a tiny built-in mic that was picking up sound! I discovered online that because the Macbook Pro 13" has a dual headphone/mic port, it can be tricky to get the computer to recognize an external audio source. I read that I needed a TRRS (i.e., three-ring) aux cable to get the job done. Sadly, I tested the new cord today and it didn't record any audio at all—not the ambient sounds in the room nor the sounds of the piano—because my Macbook didn't recognize the Casio as an "external mic" like it was supposed to. Any ideas?? The simple aux-to-aux approach really SHOULD work, so I'm reluctant to buy any new equipment (splitters, audio interfaces, etc).
  9. PX 110 Midi

    Hi, I'm trying to connect my Privia PX 110 to my laptop (Which is running Windows 10) via USB Midi cables. I purchased USB Midi in/out cables however my laptop does not recognize my keyboard as a device (I am using Audacity software). Any tips and/or cable recommendations would be awesome sauce! Thanks
  10. I just received my px160 today. It plays and sounds great. I just have one concern. There seems to be glue in between some of the keys on the lower end. It doesn't affect the sound or action as far as I can tell. I just wanted to check if this was somewhat normal or if it is something I should be concerned about? I have pictures if that would help. Thanks.
  11. PX-560M Rhythms

    Saw couple of demo videos on YouTube and decided to buy PX560M... Searched for a dealer in Toronto but there is NO showroom where one can go and try Casio keyboards. Eventually ordered PX560M from amazon and got it 4 days ago.. Keys are good, Piano sound is great and thats it!!! very bad styles or Rhythms.. poorly designed and they didn't even bother to adjust the levels of instruments in those Rhythms. Switch from one registration to another while the style/Rhythms is playing and you will have a break/pause !!! How can you perform when you have a break/pause while performing??? Honestly this instrument does not sound (specially styles / Rhythms ) for the price I paid for it.. Rhythms are poorly designed and very low quality as compared to Roland/Yamaha/Korg with similar price tag. NOT satisfied and returning it. Hope Casio take notice of this and improve in future. Thanks
  12. Knock-off Privia clone

    Well, somebody is paying attention to Casio's success in this market. I just stumbled upon this on ebooey -Artesia Black PA-88W Music Keyboard. If this isn't a direct copy of the Casio PX-350, without the outstanding fulcrum action keys (this one has spring-weighted) I'll be a monkey's uncle. Right down to the buttons and volume control. So-called 3-layer piano samples. It looks really nice and I'm no lawyer but this can't be right! Could this actually be a Casio in disguise-given a different name but made in the same factory? I suspect it is a cheap Chinese knock-off and I'm not sure the Chinese are taking this a little too far. Maybe Casio better take a look at this one.
  13. I've recorded this video in order to test the sound of the PX-5s. In this video, I use my own stage setting specially designed for my speakers (not monitors). The bass has been reduced and the treble has been enhanced. I also use the Piano DSP. It will feel like a real world-class grand piano if you don't see the pictures. (The video is NOT clipped.) http://www.tudou.com/v/0hATXX4wj4A/&rpid=329635668&resourceId=329635668_04_05_99/v.swf
  14. Hello to the forum! I'm new and happy user of this awesome Casio Privia PX-5S digital piano, yet during my analysis of instruction and following its steps on instrument I found a probable malfunction. I hope it's treatable without servicing, that's why I first ask for your help. What's the problem? It looks like my USB port (numered in basic instruction as 48, that on the front, not 49 on the back) don't see or recognize any drive I'm plugging in. What I do is entering some usb stick (I tried ADATA S102 32GB USB 3.0 and memory of my MP3 player which I offen use as a pendrive: Creative MuVo TX 512mb ), and waiting for response. 30 seconds are passing, 1 minute is passing and there is none, no "Mounting media" information, no "reading" or something like that. Pressing, or holding longer Audio Recorder button gives me "Error / No Media / Press Exit" response. As instruction goes, both drivers were formated on my computer to FAT32 system by full, not shortened format function. What is interesting memory sticks signalize their connection, problem exist by the side of casio. I don't know how to check version of my instrument's OS, and fear that without USB connection won't be able to update it. If anything, I have that square USB type B cable to input to the back of the casio. Any ideas?
  15. I have a Privia with rotary in some of the organs. I have both an original sustain pedal or a momentary on/off switch type pedal. Can someone walk me thru (step by step) how to set up a pedal to turn rotary on and off? where does it plug in and what, if anything I need to do to so I can simply step on the pedal to activate and deactivate rotary. I seem to be too limited in my understanding and I know someone knows how. I use the keys, stereo, thru a volume pedal from time to time (not always), use a casio sustain pedal for sustain and play thru either a KC-550 or KC-350 depending. HELP! Anyone who plays knows how inconvenient it is to turn rotary on/off on the panel above the keys.
  16. New PX-5S user here, and I understand the basics (ie. Zone/tones, stage settings, editing and saving changes etc...) but now trying to figure out how to record a song and the Tutorial Manual is crazy to read. Can any one explain in basic english, steps how to record a song using the up to 8 tracks each on 10 user songs on the internal storage? Maybe this is easy once you've done it bunch of times, but I'm trying not to drag out my 8 track tascam out of frustration...once a song is recorded in the internal storage, how can you edit it and later transfer it to either a connected USB drive or directly to a MAC (or PC)? Much appreciated in advance. I'm an acoustic pianist w. little digital exp.
  17. I am toying around with the presets on my Privia PX-5S and I want to save a certain set up of sounds for a gig that I am playing. Luckily the show is in January so I have time to not know what I'm doing at the moment. I have a Synth sound with Strings layered with it. I want to somehow save that sound so I can switch between that and a normal piano setting while playing live. Is that possible with this keyboard? Any help with this would be awesome so I don't have to type in what I want before each song! Thanks!
  18. I just got my new Privia PX-5S today and am currently trying to set it up. I have all the cables in place. All that is missing is SOUND. I've been going through the owners manual to try to find the answer but am unable to find one. I didn't know if there were built in speakers that just aren't working? I've even plugged in M-AUDIO studio speakers and there is still no sound. I've tried playing the piano while adjusting the knobs, yet, still no sound. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks! -Clint
  19. Velocity Issues with PX-330

    Hi everyone, I have had a px-330 for about 3 years now and I'm encountering a problem with the velocity on my keyboard. When I'm playing the keyboard, some of the keys suddenly play at the max 127 velocity, even though I'm not hitting it that hard. They key will continue to play at 127 velocity for several hits, even if I'm barely touching it. I've hooked it up to record MIDI, and it seems like the keyboard is sending out 2 pieces of velocity information when it has this problem, the actual velocity and the 127. I know this because 2 notes are actually recorded on the MIDI track from the 1 hit. I've called technical assistance, done a factory reset, changed velocity setting, basically done everything I can think of (short of taking it in for repair). Does anyone have any suggestions or have you encountered a similar problem? Thanks very much
  20. Hi all, I would like to know is 7/8 time signature accompaniments are available in PX-350. If yes, I would like to know its category and number. Thanks in advance.
  21. So I recorded myself playing my casio priva px5s and i go trough all the steps to play it back but its silent. I took the usb drive to my pc but the wave file plays back silent there too. My usb drive is formatted corectely i dont know whats wrong.
  22. Has anyone had any luck building some good ambient stage settings on the PX-5S? I'm trying to write in the vein of Sigur Ros, Brian Eno, Boards of Canada, Tycho, etc., and I would really like to build some cool ambient stage settings. Anybody have one they can share, or have any tips on building my own?
  23. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=vpPXYKy-lCo You might enjoy this......mixing the old and the new. Remember that despite all its programming capabilities, there is no better way to feature the PX-5S is to play it live. The instrument stands on its own as one of the best for live performance and many of the programming and subtle change capabilities are already done for you out of the box. More coming. Tom Piggott
  24. Casio Privia PX-S Drums?

    Hey guys I have a question. Does the Casio Privia pro px5s have any way to create and play drum loops? I am asking this because our band does not have a drummer and i would like to get a keyboard that could play drum loops for some of the songs we do. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.