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Found 127 results

  1. PX-5S MIDI Output & Zones

    I had to troubleshoot a problem for a friend who has a PX-5S and the solution got me curious about a feature that I'm not sure I understand. The friend in question is a bandleader I work for regularly. He's been impressed with the sound of the PX-5S since I got it to replace my (very heavy) Roland Fantom a couple of years ago, so when the Triton he uses for some gigs he does on his own died about 8 months ago he decided to replace it with a PX. I gave him a bunch of the sounds that I use and he's been very happy . . . with one exception. He plays a lot of church or otherwise religious gigs (funerals, etc.), and for these purposes he likes to use the Garritan Classic Pipe Organ that he runs in Aria Player on his laptop. A few months ago he told me that he was experiencing limited polyphony and occasional heavy distortion when using the PX-5S as a controller for the Garritan Organ. He also reported that this only occurs with the PX; one church he performs at has some kind of Kawai keyboard in house, and when he connects his laptop and interface to it he experiences no problems whatever. I was able to reproduce both problems using his PX, but I couldn't imagine why there would be any difference between the Casio and the Kawai. MIDI is MIDI, right? After googling around a bit, I read a couple of reports where users had resolved some strange MIDI issues by turning of the High Definition MIDI setting. I tried that, and it seemed to make some improvement. This made sense, if only because it would account for a difference in MIDI output between the Casio and the Kawai. But last week my friend called to say that he was still having the same issues and asked if I would take another look. I went through everything in his setup and couldn't find anything that would account for the problem, so I began looking at the PX more closely. Nothing in System Settings seemed relevant, but then I dug into the MIDI page of the Stage Settings, where I discovered the ability to turn MIDI on/off for each Zone (for both the MIDI out port as well as the USB port, which is what he uses to connect to his laptop). Long story short, it turns out that both of his problems are solved by turning off USB MIDI for all but one Zone. What was happening, I presume, is that each time a key was played on the Casio, the USB port was sending out 4 identical MIDI messages (one for each Zone). This explains why his polyphony was limited, and why he was hearing distortion (due to the cumulative effect of triggering 4 samples/note instead of 1). Once I made that change everything worked as expected, so I proceeded to make the same edit to every Stage Setting he uses while controlling the organ (sometimes he likes to layer certain PX sounds with the Pipe Organ). Assuming I've interpreted the results correctly, here are my questions: 1. Why would MIDI and USB outs be enabled for each Zone by default? Wouldn't this cause the same problem for any user who simply wants to control a single external MIDI device from their PX? Wouldn't it make more sense to enable MIDI and USB outs for Zone 1 only, and then let the user decide whether to activate any or all of the other 3? 2. And in that regard, what is accomplished sending separate MIDI per Zone? In other words, what is the intended purpose of the feature? The only thing I can imagine is that perhaps there is a way for the PX to send data to 4 different external MIDI destinations (just as it can send MIDI data internally to 4 different Zones). The idea, I guess, would be that you could connect the PX to another multitimbral module and trigger 4 different sounds, each layering one of the Zones in your PX (or perhaps using a Zone to play a sound from the external device that the PX doesn't have). The manual is a bit vague; is that the idea? Thanks. Just curious.

    Please give me a link to the latest driver...
  3. I have just bought a Celviano AP460 and understand that I can connect it to my computer and control it from there, but that I need to have MIDI Software installed on my computer? Can anyone recommend a software programme that is compatible with my keyboard? I have looked up MIDI Software on the internet, but there are so many different ones I have no idea which one to use!
  4. Expression over MIDI

    With the blessing of my Beloved Spouse, I bought a PX-5S just before the 1027 discount period ended. Just scratched the surface, and I'm still loving this board. Good golly, even the sostenuto pedal works perfectly. I feel like I could reach in and play Emerson's "Take a Pebble." Issue o' the day, then: I've been looking for a MIDI controller to act as a volume or expression pedal on the PX-5S. I once had a Behringer FCB1010, and loved it, but it takes up a lot of floor space, and I don't really need all the buttons -- just the CC pedal(s). Has anyone reading this tried the Source Audio sa163? It looks like the volume pedal equivalent of a "universal solvent." I came across that digging around on the web, and although a bit pricey, it looks like it may be able to do the job. But since I'd never heard / read about it before, I figured I'd ask around. Besides, I still need to reload the piggy bank before I buy one anyway.
  5. PX-350m MIDI

    I can't get the px350 to change to a different tone sent from an iPad app called BandHelper or others may use one similar called SetlistMaker. What I want to do seems very simple and others in my band have used the same ipad app to control other instruments. All it needs to do is change the voice. Setup:iRig MIDI 2 Channel - I have tried it with both channel 1 and channel 2. In both cases the keyboard was set to the same channel for the tests.Numbering - tried both settings, 0-127 and 1-128 with no effect.MSB - 49LSB - 0. In the Casio forum someone posted to not send LSB. I have tried both 0 and no values, neither had an effect. For that matter I don't even see LSD settings in the Casio documentation.Program - 61I see a message gets sent from BH to the MIDI interface out port which I have confirmed is plugged into the MIDI in port on the keyboard. Tried 2 different MIDI cables, both of which were verified are working on another app. in another thread it was found that the MIDI local control needs to be set to off. When I try that I get no sound from the keyboard.
  6. Midi channels receiving?

    Guys, Help needed I have my xwp1 set to midi slave. Device id is 01 and basic channel is 01. When I start external sequencer (ipad or digitakt) set to ch 1 it plays 's selected tone (drawbar for example). And it's ok, BUT... When I set sequencer to ch 4 (where I have my volca bass) casio plays volca's bassline with piano sound. When another midi channel is selected casio plays another sound. When sequencer is set to ch 10, casio plays drums... So, the question is: how to turn off receiving on all midi channels and set casio only respond to midi channel 1? Plz help, it drives me crazy
  7. Hi everyone, 1.Can I use the Mixer/Drawbar Organ Sliders to mix in real time a played MIDI file? (Lower or increase a specific/individual channel volume). 2.I have a lots of MIDI files where… bass guitar (for example) is on channel 2. Is there a free software to easily change MIDI to default MZ channels? Channel 9 = Percussion Channel 10 = Drums Channel 11 = Bass Channel 12 - 16 = Accompaniment 1 thru 5 Because in the SMF import tool, I have to manually change the channels so the rhythm can be imported/heard/played successfully with all the instruments. Even when I play them in player, they sound funny (not right). See this Romanian folklore Batuta - Taraneasca.MID (play it on PC and MZ). 3.Besides renaming .sty to .mid and SMF import to MZ series, is there another way to import styles from other keyboards (aka Roland, Korg…). A software? Free maybe? Thx. Maur.
  8. Multitimbrality

    Hey, folks. I'm preparing to buy a PX-5S. primarily to have a great-sounding piano that I can tuck under one arm. One thing that is still unclear to me is how (if) it works as a MIDI sound module. Can it sound on multiple channels that are not in the current Stage setup? Are any effects available for incoming MIDI data? I have a nice 4-channel 61 note controller keyboard (with aftertouch and a volume pedal) that might be fun to plug into the PX, if there's anything to be gained by doing so. -Tom Williams (so new that I don't have a signature block defined yet)
  9. Is there any way to send a MIDI file from my computer over the USB ports on both so that it will play on the CDP-130? In other words, I have a MIDI piano file on my Windows 7 computer that I want to hear played on my Casio digital piano. Any way to do that? Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm a little stuck on how to transfer midi files to my keyboard. It doesn't have a usb port, but I have the midi ports. I'm confused as to how I can transfer Rhythm files to my keyboard from my computer. I have the files that I need, but I'm not sure how to copy the files over to my keyboard. Many thanks Sarah B
  11. I have a Privia PX-200 that I have owned for many years, but only played it as a standalone piano. I now have it in a MIDI studio setup and want to use some of the great sounds in my productions. Only thing is, it seems to be responding to every MIDI track (Cubase) that I create. There doesn't seem to be a way to select which channel it receives on - it takes in everything my MIDI thru box is putting out. For instance, I assigned a pad sound for my Juno 2 on channel 2 but the Privia is just playing the standard piano preset 1 along with it on this channel. Is there a way to defeat this? I noticed it will do the whole production for me if I assign instruments/channels in Cubase, which is cool, but I wanted to use my analog synths along with it too. Help!?
  12. I seem not able to find any help in the manual on how to use PX560 as a master MIDI controller. Any help would be really appreciated! Thank you in advance!
  13. Hello there I am recording my new stuff with Privia and doing it first time using MIDI recording section. Since I have no satisfactory VSTs on my PC, I'd rather use Privia's interface and then work on it further. I like to work on some tones but later I often change them, when all paths and items are recorded and put together to change overall sound and blend. So my questio is: Is there a way to CHANGE TONE OF ALREADY RECORDED 'solo track' in Privia's MIDI interface? It would be helpful as hell. I even hoped for changing in 'on fly' to hear how the tone changes the piece. But I cannot find answer in internet or manual :/ Thanks in advance
  14. Hi there! Confession up front - I'm a MIDI newbie. I'm trying to get my iPad (Onsong app) to fire off MIDI commands to my PX-560M to change the following based upon the song I pull up: Tone (Upper/Lower 1&2) Split Point Levels I know the MIDI connection is working fine but the tone change command doesn't seem to do anything to the keyboard. Here's the steps that lead to the problem: 1. Set Onsong to Listen for MIDI commands 2. Change tone on keyboard --> Corresponding command shows up in Onsong (so it definitely receives ok) 3. Turn off MIDI "Listen" in order to do a Test 4. Manually change Tone to something elese on keyboard 5. Click "Test" in Onsong (which fires the same command back to the keyboard) --> Result: Nothing happens. When I do the same process, but with Playing a note as the command, the test is successful and Onsong is able to play the note back through the keyboard. So I know the communication is fine. That means the problem must be around the other commands that don't seem to work when Onsong fires them off to the keyboard. Does the PX-560M support what I'm trying to do (in theory)? Are there any troubleshooting tools on the PX-560M to see what MIDI messages it's receiving? Am I missing some setting or something to allow these settings to be changed remotely via MIDI? Thanks for any help!
  15. What I'm trying to do using the 7200 is to record a tomtom drumbeat that I can export in a format that I can use on my laptop. Then I can use it as a background beat for my ukulele group. My problem is that I only use the various functions very rarely so I don't get the chance to familiarise myself with them. Consequently I find myself struggling (again) when I come to use them again. Think of the tomtom in the opening sequence of Apache. I have the voice that I want to use but I just haven't succeeded in recording a sequence of it. Yes, I've looked at the manual but all I got was a headache. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. Help with MIDI for lk280

    Hello, I bought the Casio LK280, I would like all the keys from the keyboard to light up, but until now not all the keys do so... and I tried to adjust the MIDI file, with changing channels to 3 and 4, but something went wrong. Does anyone have an idea what to do to make all the keys light up? Any help is appreciated, I am looking forward to learn to play this song (see the attachment). This is the version I didn't adjust. Thanks! 1_SHES_LIKE_THE_WIND.mid
  17. I can't send MIDI messages to my DAW on my Privia PX-350M. The audio from the piano to the DAW plays and records fine. I hooked the MIDI DIN plugs to another keyboard and it sent MIDI messages to the DAW just fine. So there's no issue with the DAW. I've also tried disconnecting the DIN plugs from the Privia and just going with the USB MIDI, but still no transmission. Has anyone else run into this problem?
  18. hi everybody i'm a new owner of the xw-p1. i followed the instructions to get the xw-p1 control logic x via usb. I succeeded once, and then cannot work it out again. can anybody help me pls. Hicham
  19. Hello everyone. Can someone please explain how to convert yamaha sty files to casio MIDI for my Casio Privia PX-150?
  20. Roland A500 MIDI'd to PX5S

    I've just bought a Roland A500 Pro to hook up to my PX5S (and of course a DAW at some stage) and am starting to work on the basics of driving zones - so I've managed to play with setting the zones off/on for the PX5S but realising that, even when off on the PX5S, they can still be driven by the A500. But does anyone know if it is possible to assign a PX5s tone/stage setting to a channel other than 1-4 so that I can then drive that from the A500? In my limited logic, this would mean that I could assign up to additional "patches" to be driven by the A500. Or is it not as simple as that? I've exchanged some points on the FB page and it seems it may not be possible but just wondering if I can get a definitive answer here/ TIA, Kev
  21. CDP-130 MIDI issues

    Hey everyone, I'm having some MIDI issues with the CDP-130. I am trying to send MIDI information from Ableton Live into the CDP-130. I have the keyboard set on the "strings" setting, however the "Grand Piano" sound is what is recorded in Ableton. The MIDI notes are reaching the keyboard properly, but the wrong sound is coming out. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks for any and all help,
  22. Hello all, I have a very old Casio CTK 611 with midi outputs. I have a midi cable to USB. When I plug it in the midi cable lights up, and my Win 10 computer does indicate that a USB2.0 midi device is connected, and my music program (Sibelius 7.5) sees that device, but I can not get Sibelius to receive midi input from my keyboard (the test fails). I am assuming that my keyboard is way too old to work with Win 10 and there probably are not any compatible drivers. I just want to be sure before I sink money in a replacement keyboard. The midi cable that I have is a Sanoxy USB MIDI Cable Converter and has a dual in/out 5-pin DIN and a USB on the other end. I have searched the internet for possible answers, and have not had success. Any ideas?
  23. is it possible to use the xw as a controller for soft synths with studio one. I have it hooked up to a firestudio interface via the midi in out into my macbook pro. I can't seem to get it to work. the software receives midi signal but it won't play the instrument. Are there drivers that are needed? are there settings on the xw that need to be adjusted?
  24. Want to play a MIDI file from SD card through px-410r keyboard with the selected tone. I have the MIDI file playing from the card just fine, but it is using the "standard" MIDI synth sound. Want it to play using whatever tone is selected at the time, OR, let me choose what tone to play it through, such as 363, Space Voice 2, or 000 Grand Piano. Thanks for you help
  25. This one has me completely stumped - I use my PX-5S as a controller and live instrument. The internal sounds are functioning great. I've got plenty of velocity curve to play with and can produce quite expressive sounds on a slightly tweaked Concert Piano Stage Setting. However, I've recently noticed that the sounds produce by PropellerHead Reason (some synths and a few pianos) feel muffled and muted as compared to when I use a different controller. And, oddly, when I hold down the sustain pedal, the sounds in Reason return to being clear, bright, and significantly louder. Here's what I've tried: 1. I tried numerous different custom and purchased patches in Reason. They are all exhibiting this problem. Therefore, I think it's the PX-5S. 2. I've tried a number of different stage settings on the PX-5S to see if it was something I accidentally triggered - nope. It occurs on a lot of them, even ones I didn't build or fiddle with. 3. I've tried different USB cables. Still does this. 4. I've disabled the internal sounds (local control) on the PX-5S. Didn't help. 5. I've disabled High Resolution Output. Didn't help. Other than my PX-5S is malfuntioning, any ideas guys? I can still use it to control Synths and Pads, as they are much easier to control with longer attacks, but this problem has made playing a midi piano of any kind impossible. Thanks in advance.