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Found 101 results

  1. Hi All, I'm struggling working out the best way to setup triggering the px-5s drums from an external drum sequencer within a stage setting and was looking for some advice please. I've recently bought a drumbrute for live performance with the PX-5S. The drum brute has a global midi channel setting which I've set to 1. It seems to be limited to either send note data or not and this is done via the app rather than on the unit, so not convenient for switching on and off. Therefore, when I'm using the drum brute's sounds, it will trigger whatever tone is in zone 1 on the PX-5S. Of course, if I have a synth in zone 1 (when I'm not using the px drums) it will trigger that, which I won't want. I can configure the output note values from the drum brute, and I tried setting them to values >88 and setting the px KEY RANGE HIGH in zone 1 (for sounds I don't want the drum brute to trigger) to C8. The idea being that I would create drum kits on the PX with note values >88 and put them in zone 1 when I needed them. However, it looks like KEY RANGE HIGH only affects the actual keyboard and not the incoming midi (I guess the clue is probably in the name , therefore the synth sound will still trigger the higher notes from the incoming midi. Is there an easy way around this? I could dedicate zone 1 for all of my stage settings to drums, and only have a kit present in a stage setting when I need them. Is that the way I need to go, or can I stop sounds in zone 1 from being triggered by incoming midi for certain stage settings? Hope that makes sense. Thanks
  2. I can't get my new Px860 piano keyboard to register on my MacBook running OS 10.12.x (latest always ) in Notion. I have a connection to the PX 860 in the MIDI Utilitybut not from the 860 to the Mac. The Casio tech said the PX 860 was incompatible with the Mac after OS 10.9.x! MIDI doesn't change that much. I thought I saw people on here using the 760 with MIDI thru Windows 10. Are there ways to get the PX 860 to transmit to the latest Mac OS or do I have to send this otherwise excellent keyboard back?
  3. Hello everyone. This is my first time posting here, and I hope I have posted in the right place. So, my problem is that I own a CTK-519 piano that needs drivers in my computer in order to use a MIDI-USB connection cable. I have searched through google for the last 12 hours without any luck. I was hoping someone could direct me to the right direction. I am frustrated now. I desperately need the MIDI connection to work for the sake of an app that I am intending to use to practice playing. Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
  4. Good morning everybody I would like to use my PX5s in live situation both as a stage piano and a master keyboard. At the moment I am using it only as a master keyboard controlling MainStage because I don't know: 1) how to to change stage settings on my Px5s from Maintsage (though I know I can send program change, MSB and LSB messages from it). 2) if possible, how to mute and activate the local sound generator from MainStage via midi message. In fact when I want to play Mainstage's plugin and VSTs the sound generator should be, of course, off. But when I want to play my PX5s sounds I should change stage setting (as requested in point 1) and at the same time, of course, activate the local sound generator. Could you suggest me a way to do this? PS I have also a Korg R3 and an iPad running through my PX5s line in connections...I am wondering what happen to their signal if I turn on and off the local sound generator...will I be able to listen to them?
  5. Hi everbody ! Connecting MZX with other keyboars via MIDI connections ( MIDI IN / MIDI OUT) and trying to transmit or receive the clock signal to synchronize the rhythm , the MZ didn´t do nothing.... I tested both connections : MZ as master( MIDI OUT) or slave (MIDI IN) with other keyboards and brands that I have and only the tones are transmited or received. It´s a basic function that the first keyboards with midi connections did (like CT, CZ series). I really need to use this resource with my other keyboards but the MZx doesn´t work...... The 1.4 release contemplates this setting (clock) but setting on or off in the menu display, the situation doesn´t change. Someone can help, or test again to prove this problem ??? Perhaps a new release is comming and this specific problem could be solved, ok ?? Repeating....... It´s a basic, basic resource of the "old MIDI architeture" and the MZ needs to do this!!! Sorry because the text but I don´t speak english very well Waiting replyes , thanks a lot !
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is my Stage setting for PX-5S, designed to control the Galileo organ app. I have mapped it in the following way, so that the PX will control the following things in Galileo: Slider 1: Upper drawbar 16' Slider 2: Upper drawbar 51/3' Slider 3: Upper drawbar 8' Slider 4: Upper drawbar 4' Slider 5: Upper drawbar 22/3' Slider 6: Upper drawbar 2' Knob 1: Upper drawbar 13/5' Knob 2: Upper drawbar 11/3' Knob 3: Upper drawbar 1' Knob 4: Vibrato on/off Pitch bend wheel: Pitch bend Mod wheel: master volume. I have set this for a range from 50 - 100 (I anticipate using it at about 50 but it is early days yet. Be sure to adjust it if necessary to how you want it.) Pedal 1: Rotary fast/slow Pedal; 2: Rotary brake This is my first venture into the realm of midi, and also my first attempt to properly map organ controls. Please let me know if I need to make any changes - especially if I have left out something important. I hope to end up with the definitive Galileo controller at some point......... I also hope it may be of some use to you.
  7. I am considering purchasing a PX560 but could use some help understanding it's midi capabilities and limitations. Though I've read it is not a Midi Controller, it see it does have midi in and out ports, and I've read it can be connected to a PC. I assume to use a software package like Sonar or the like, correct???? Sorry for the stupid question, but what functionality would this keyboard be lacking that one, like the PX-5S which IS a midi controller be capable of? Thanks in advance - as you can tell, I'm a newb
  8. Hi everyone! I need your help because I'm not able to set the PX5s as I want. Basically, in my Yamaha Motif's SONG I have programmed 3 channels in which the channel 2 is totally played by my Motif, the channel 1 is totally played by PX5s and channel 3 is layered with channel 1 on the PX5s but I would like that the CH 3 is enabled when I increase the slider number 1. I think that it's possible, but how can I do it? Thanks! Francesco
  9. I have Ableton Live configured to send MIDI to my PX-560 for playback. However, I can't figure out where in the PX-560 is the mapping between what tones are assigned to what MIDI channel. For example, when Ableton sends MIDI to channel 1, the PX-560 plays Grand Piano. Channel 2 plays percussion. Channel 3 plays Warm Pad. I've looked at the "MIDI Channel Assignments" table at the end of the User Manual but I'm not seeing the answer. What am I missing?
  10. Suddenly no midi out from my PX-5s. When I open Midi Monitor, it shows the 5s. But no note on and off. This is true whether I'm taking the signal from the midi ports or the USB out. Any ideas? JD Logic X Mac Yosemite
  11. Hi People! I recently purchased a PX5S and love this forum along with the Facebook page. It's been a huge help getting started. I am learning my way around, and finally starting to get the whole stage setting thing. I have a question. I have read that I can use a specific stage setting... say 1-0, that be be completely for MIDI and control MainStage. I was using MainStage before buying this keyboard, using a simple MIDI controller, and it was plug and play... very easy and never had to worry about MIDI channels or any of that. I am a complete idiot when it comes to MIDI, and would like someone to explain specifically in detail, how to set a stage setting so that I can jump to that, and have control of my MainStage concerts and patches using all the sliders and knobs on the PX5S. Again, I am new and don't know much about MIDI, so if you can, please give me step by step, or point me to where that step by step process exists. So far, I have not even got into any editing of stage settings, other than I know how to change tones. I use USB for the MIDI and have a Pre-Sonus Interface along with a Macbook Pro. I did find the download for the PX5S layout, and that's awesome. I just don't know how to set my PX5S to use it for MainStage. Thanks in advance for all the excellent and wise advice from all you experts out there in Casio Land. J-MO
  12. Hi guys, I need these function, to control FilterAmp Rate with the mod wheel. I don't know if it is possible. With standard control assigment for mod wheel there isn't this parameter. But maybe with RPN, nrpn, or something similar it is possible, but I'm not very shod in advanced midi. I read the midi implementation of px5 but I don't understand how to do. Thanks all
  13. Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum, recently I bought a Casio LK 280 to start playing piano, but I don't know if there is a midi secuence library to this keyboard, I tried download a diferent MIDI songs from the internet but the lightning key board doesn't light only plays the song. I configured the songs to the channel 3 and 4 but it doesn't work, so thats why ask you, if you know some songs for this keyboard that I can download? Thanks
  14. Hello everyone, I've recently dug up an antique Casio LK-110 keyboard piano, I was wondering if there is a way for me to connect it to Ableton Live 9. Thanks! UltimateHG
  15. Hello, I have recently bought the CTK - 2400 model online and it just game and I noticed there isn't a MIDI in attached to the keyboard, only a Input in, I was trying to hook it up to the computer in order to use fl studio, How would I hook this up? what cords do I need to buy? let me know asap! thanks!
  16. Hi, I am not able to connect my Casio CTK-4400 to PC. Configuration is Windows 7 and the software is Adobe audition C6. Kindly help. One more question is... If I connect my phone to the keyboard and play karaoke, Can I record that along with my own composition? Thanks Immi
  17. I was thinking if I changed all the parameters in the Stage Setting that I setup for one of my Nord's EP voice, it would give me a clean slate to work with. I changed things in the master and system controls (within the Stage setting), not realizing it would affect the other local sounds of the PX. The midi stage setting plays for the midi from the Nord, but now I can't any of the internal Casio sounds to play. I made these changes because I was trying to get a better sound when triggering the Nord from the Casio. I still can't get the brightness that I get when just playing the Nord. I've tried many things including the velocity in the Casio. Unfortunately, I re-saved the stage setting. Any way of getting the parameters back to the way they were? Do I have to reload the firmware or the complete stage settings file? Help!
  18. Hello Apologies for posting this in the wrong category, but there doesn't seem to be a category for this model. I'd like to use the PX-720 as part of a MIDI chain, but am having problems with it playing on all 16 MIDI channels. My set up is using an Atari as my sequencer (yes, I know, I'm a 90's dinosaur) connected to my master keyboard (not the PX-720) and I have various sound modules daisy-chained to the master keyboard via MIDI Thru (Thru to In, Thru to In etc.) and the PX-720 is at the very end of the daisy-chain. The manual states that you can select a MIDI channel for the PX-720 to send on (0-16) which I have done, but it is still sounding on all 16 channels, instead of just the channel I've set it to. I'm assuming there's something I'm not understanding about the way the PX-720 handles MIDI (perhaps its not designed to be used in this way?) or ... I don't fully understand how MIDI works, or ... there's something wrong with it. Can any one help me out? Cheers
  19. New here. Where can I go to learn how to set up my WK 200 to work with my iPad. GarageBand and other iOS apps? would like to experiment with midi but don't know where to start. Thanks in advance. Pete
  20. Hi, I am new in the comunity, and i hope to stay for a while .... I really like the PX560, im looking for a good piano and for a one man solo band piano... i like the arrangers.... but there is not arangers with 88 keys (i mean in that price range... less than 1200)... anyway, is the internal sequencer of the px560 powerful enough?.... well i really like to play main instruments along with some acompaiment styles and have some control of changing the sounds while i play.. I am planning to use some midis (smf files) and create some arrangements.... the PX560 has a midi player? Im wondering if some of the demos that Bradz made with the MZX500 and Px-5s are possible in the PX560M.... i love all that electro, orchestra and synth sounds. Finally i wonder if there is a demo or maybe you can help me with a distorted guitar demo, with some leads and riffs... i just want to play some rocking leads!! Sorry for having all those questions Thank You.
  21. Hello, I recently got a used lk-110 keyboard as a present and I want to get it working with MIDI. I recently learned that I need some CD to install the drivers, but I bought the keyboard USED and I don't have the CD. So how do I connect this keyboard to my computer to use MIDI?? Thank you in advance...
  22. Hello everyone!, This is my first post to this group, and although I read thru the FAQ and AlenK's XW-P1 companion I still can't find the answer to my question. The XW-p1 has MIDI settings for zones and and parts and a general MIDI channel setting, but I want to be able to communicate with the XW-P1 thru a global channel to at least to select a patch. I have found that if I set the general midi channel to 3 (for example) the instrument will still only respond to a global command like volume (CC 07) thru MIDI ch1. I have many keyboards that I need to control from my foot pedal (FCB1010) and the other keyboards I can simply set the midi channel and send patch changes and CC messages with no problem. Now the WX-P1 is very powerful, and I expect to use the zone settable midi channels to parallel keyboards and program user patches accordingly. But I need to be able to access these patches thru one settable channel (other than CH1). So that being said, what does the basic MIDI channel setting do? The Manual says NRPN and other midi messages, but can I change patches thru the MIDI channel set here? It seems that unless I use the default channels programmed into the factory presets, I will need to edit each patch just to change the midi channel and save it as a user setting. Am I missing something?
  23. How do I connect my CTK 7200 with Reaper. I have a standard USB/MIDI cable however it doesn't seem like Reaper is recognizing my keyboard. Has anyone else had this problem. I'm also asking this question on the Reaper forums as well. Thanks for your help.
  24. I am looking for an official Casio MIDI driver, preferably one specifically for the XW-P1. Under the "Devices and Printers" section of the Control Panel on my computer, the device comes up as "CASIO USB-MIDI" with a Microsoft generic driver, not an official Casio one. I have scoured the Casio support website for a long time now in search of an official driver and nothing has come up. No drivers for this synthesizer model. No generic MIDI drivers whatsoever. Just the 1.11 firmware update and the Data Editor. All I need is a link to the MIDI driver download. I run Windows 7.
  25. I am on 1.11 and have been unsuccessful in disallowing Program Change in Controlling other Modules via Midi. I have found the following but it does not seem to do what I was to believe it would, Thanks,,,,please advise. "" Improvements Provided by This Update Version 1.10 >> Version 1.11 • Improved operation of the external part volume. • Improved certain operation. Version 1.01 >> Version 1.10 • Adds "MIDI EDIT" in Performance Edit Mode. Press the "PERFORM" button and then press the "EDIT" button to display the Performance editing screen.. You can find the following entry under "Phr Enable" in the list. Display Description Settings Mixer OUT Specifies whether or not the value is transmitted by editing Zone 1-4. Off, On PrgBnk Out Specifies whether or not value is transmitted by changing Tone Number.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Prg.. Only Program Change, Bnk.. Both Program Change and Bank MSB/LSB. Off, Prg, Bnk PrgBnk Edit This group includes program and bank value. When you press "ENTER", you can edit the following list. it is transmitted when the performance number is changed. Bank MSB Specifies Bank MSB Value. 0 to 127 Bank LSB Specifies Bank LSB Value. 0 to 127 Prog Chg Specifies Program Change Value. 1 to 128 << ""