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What is coming down the pike?

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Casio does not reveal what is in the works until they are ready.  The first place to look for new products is NAMM.  You'll have to wait until then to see.  For what it's worth, there is already a model with more features than the PX-560 called the MZ-X500.  There is a tradeoff in the action to keep price down.  61 vs 88 keys and synth vs weighted action.  

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There should be some leaks like in the case of smart phones.. Where there are certain leaks of Android phones which keep customers excited and also the customers will wait for the product (of the particular brand), and avoid buying a product of another brand. (Advantage to the company that leaks info of its upcoming product!)

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I just read in Brad MZ's post about the MZ-X500 having more features than the PX-560. Logically, it would be a simple issue of twinning the MZ-X500 with the weighted keyboard of the PX-560 to have an improved piano (possibly the PX5-S replacement).

So easy really, but I think Casio will go even further, with half pedalling and possibly a sample or two included from their high end Hybrid GP pianos.

The big question is when will this piano be launched ? 

It's now four years since their PX5-S stage piano was launched, (that was in January 2013 at NAMM), so it's an ideal place for a major Casio launch.

Fingers crossed,


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