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You can not use the current Data Manager 5.0 or 6.1, software versions as they are only for the newer models, and will not work with the WK-3000.  You need the IDES 2.0 Data Manager software,  Here again, do not attempt to use IDES 3.0 or 4.0 software versions.  They are not upgrades to IDES 2,0, but rather are versions for other Casio models and will not work with the WK-3000.  You can download IDES 2.0 from:




Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on wk3-20en-c.exe.  Don't bother downloading the individual parts, this gets you all six parts in one file.  Then go back up a few lines and click on Download to the right of Application Manual to get the User Guide.


Now, the WK-3000 is too old to be Class Compliant, so you are going to need drivers.  You can download them from:




Scroll down to Drivers and select the appropriate download for your version of Windows.


I have IDES 2.0/3.0/4.0 all running on Windows XP 32 bit, Vista 64 bit, and Win-7 64 bit, but I can not guarantee that they will run on Windows 8 or 10.  Also, the 64 bit drivers work, but really were not designed to work with the older models.  My WK-3800 works fine with my XP 32 bit laptop, but with my 64 bit systems, about one out of five data transfers results in a transmission error.  I just do a retry, and it always goes the second time around.  If you have 64 bit Windows, do not attempt to install 32 bit drivers, as that is not possible (not even with Compatibility Mode).  If you have MAC OS, I am afraid you are out of luck, as Casio never wrote any IDES software to work with MAC OS.


Good luck !






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