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Cannot upgrade the firmware / USB drives not mounting

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Hi all, i have tried to upgrade the firmware in my PX-560M but cannot get USB flash drives working. I have tried 2 different drives, 1GB and 64GB, both formatted in FAT32, but when I press "execute" it says



Media mounting

Please press exit


or something like that. And when I go to "Media" in Menu, it shows



Media Mounting


but doesn't seem to get it completed. The manual says  it can take over 20 seconds, I have waited at least 5 minutes. I have also restored factory settings several times.



What should I do now?




edit: I have version 1.10 and trying to upgrade to 1.14

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Is it a new drive?  Did you try formatting it using the keyboard?  Will the audio recorder work with the drive?  If none of that works, try yet another drive, something 32 gig or smaller.  

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Thanks for answering.


Both are used but has been working fine.


Hmm, I can't get to "Media" submenu because it starts mounting the drives automatically and never stops, unless I press exit and then it goes to the main screen, so I don't think I can format these drives using the keyboard.


Audio recorder too says


Media Mounting"

and nothing happens unless i press exit


Ok, I'll get some other USB sticks and try them, will report back :)

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Ok solved, I buyed another stick and it's working now... I used Minitool Partition Wizard to format the first two sticks (Windows 10 can format only to NTFS and EXFAT) but this new one was already formatted as FAT32 and I didn't reformat it... Maybe there's something wrong with Minitools program, idk... :)

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