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Android Music Creation Software.

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I've found this android Midi_arranger app and hooked it to the PX5S.

For anyone interested I recommend to try it out. Although it isn't released 

officially still in beta . 


It works pretty much self explanatory there are panels and scenes and edit piano roll 

to enter notes manual or through midi. ones you've set the channels and instruments

on the app or  px5s you can jam and rock on. 


I use it as a drum computer so I can use the four zones for hex and tones. 

give it a try if you're looking for an arranger app. 



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Sorry I don't click at dubieus named links but if you're human and interested all can be find on android.  

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Nice! what are your other instruments, just curious? Looks like Roland JP-8000 or JD-800 but not sure of the other on top. I have also experimented with various android music apps-what are you using for your interface between your Android tablet and keyboards? And what are you using for your Android tablet? I know I need an Android device with OTG capabilities to connect a tablet with USB to any music midi device which I have. Sounds like you are having no "latency" (delay) issues with keyboard response to the Android app.

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