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For those who wants to get a brand new PD or DJ

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For that price the PD-1 is certainly tempting. The only two drawbacks from my perspective are (1) it doesn't have 5-pin MIDI, only USB, which has been discussed here before and (2) you can't edit the built-in tones - at all. The sampling and the sixteen velocity-sensitive pads are nice, however.


One of the reviews on Musicians' Friend is amusing and perhaps a caution:

"The problem is the steep learning curve and poor manuals. Well built and great sound but it would be easier to learn to play the sax with your feet." 


And from a review on Amazon:

"Both manuals seem to be written by a team of crazy people, or sadists... may be easier to fiddle with the box to figure out what the tech writer & editors were trying to say." 

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