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Keyboard mod DIY

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happyrat, I can't find any reference elsewhere to this mod but I had mentioned the possibility here since the rubber storage part of the XW is really an empty part of it inside. The difficulty I see is that the module would still end up being a little less than 2/3rds the length of the XW, given one could eliminate or narrow the endcaps and eliminate the right panel shelf for the iPad entirely. The left and center control panels could be compacted-I have had all of these sections apart-and the midi DIN ports could of course be used in place of the factory keys. I'm not sure how disconnecting the factory keyboard internal circuits would affect the operation of the remaining components, i haven't tried that yet.


Montequi-FSR assemblies I've found are expensive and would be difficult to fit in the XW since it would need to be directly alongside or in place of the lower felt contacts under the keys inside the XW. I guess it could be done with some difficulty but one would have to see a schematic to determine where to connect this to internal circuits. Years back there was an aftermarket pressure-sensing strip designed to fit under the keys that connected to the midi DIN input, but I have been unable to locate that piece online anywhere. I think it was originally designed a long time ago-for keyboards like the early Ensoniqs, Yamahas, Korgs and Rolands that had no pressure sensitivity-many didn't. Pressure sensitive keys are an asset for controlling vibrato, layers and even pitch bend, so would be nice in an XW for 2-handed playing when you can't use the wheels. I recall seeing one of these recently. I believe was a Kurzweil FSR. Will look it up again and post when I have more time.

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If you don't like modulation wheels, why not placing spring loaded potentiometers outside, connect a spool of ribbon and attach that to your clothing or a loop around the body. So you can change modulation by bending e.g. your trunk back and forward. This can also be used to avoid volume pedals (e.g. if as a yogi you play sitting in lotus seat on floor).

I know similar mods for Indian table harmoniums, where the rear air bellow is moved by a belt around the body (instead of left hand) to permit dual handed play.

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