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XW-P1 On the Run.

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After the reaction from the PX-5S version, I re-created sequence part of this using the XW-P1. I'll also convert it for the XW-G1 tomorrow.

In the file which is attached you'll find that there are three files.

There are some things you'll have to do.

1. Load the three files into your XW-P1.

  • On the Run.ZPF - This is the Performance
  • Square+Hihat.ZSY - This is the Solo Synth patch
  • On the Run.ZAR - This is the custom arpeggio

The tricky thing about sharing Performances on the XW series is that the Performance doesn't know which objects specifically are associated with it. It just references the location where something was. If you don't load it into the same location as I created it in, then the Performance won't work.

So after you've loaded in the Performance and the other 2 files, you're going to need to edit the Performance.

  • Press EDIT
  • Scroll down and select Sequencers
  • Choose Arpeggio
  • Mark sure that the Arpeggio you see on this screen is "On the Run". On my XW, this was User 0-0
  • Exit Back to the main Performance Edit screen.
  • Select ZONE Edit
  • Make sure that Zone 1 has the Square+HiHat program selected.
  • Save your performance

It should now work. The song was in the key of E. Press and hold E3 (the one below middle C) and move knobs 1 and 2, and also check out the modwheel.

Only two oscillators are in use in this version. #1 and #4. I ended up just using a hi-hat sample because I couldn't get the noise oscillator at quite the right pitch.

On The Run XW-P1.zip

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Thanks...Great sound effect! More meat for us WX-P1 user to chew on :)

Here's the sweep I used on the Euphoric Trance...post on sound cloud under user name Sean777.

Download file rename extension .zip to .zsy


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Hi Mike,

I am new to the forum, Casio and new to the XW-P1. I am starting to get a handle on things, but have a question. I have the arpeggio running and that part sounds really good. Lots of controls to change the warble etc. The one thing I do not find are the Doppler effect flybys, helicopters etc. How were these created? Are these included in the file and I just have not found them or do they need to be created separately?

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thanks mike, altho the PX version is awsome, i did learn that the reason some dl'd perf's don't work is the fact that the supporting files may not load in the same user preset, so I need to link those up in the performance.

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