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Scott Hamlin

Summer NAMM 2015

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Yes, I'm almost 100% certain the system track is the same as in the past.  


For those who don't know. The system track debuted on the MZ-2000 over 15 years ago.  It is the 17th track of the song sequencer (midi recorder).  The system track appears on Casio's with 32 channel multi timbral sound engines.  I like to think of it as 2 (16 channel) sound engines in one keyboard. All of the normal performance functions of the keyboard use the first 16 channels.  This includes 8 channels for auto accomp, 4 channels for "2 upper" and "2 lower" tones, 2 channels for auto harmonize and 2 channels for system use.  The other 16 channels are dedicated to the 16 tracks of the sequencer. See what Scott said above about what gets recorded on the tracks.  


So to break it down easy, use the 16 tracks to record like a normal sequencer.  The 17th track is for recording a complete performance using auto accomp, upper and lower tones and auto harmonize.  The system track is the bridge that merges the performance aspect of the keyboard to the sequencer aspect of it.  This way it's possible to have a sequence that is playing back a maximum of 30 channels of note data.  It's quite a powerful system and has served me well over the years.  


With these new models, they have decided to call the two engines "ports".  Port A and Port B.  Previously they were called A parts and B parts. In the MZ-2000 they were called Internal and External parts.  


I am seeing a few new surprises in the new models.  We can now name tracks in the sequencer for one.  I'm sure some other neat tricks are there too. Can't wait to learn more.   

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Ummm I still don't get it what it means I'm guessing now that its some kind of real time mixer like the XW does when you create a step sequence and record filter type. I hope to see some demo to understand this better.

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I played a CGP-700 a few days ago at Guitar Center. While I liked it, I wasn't thrilled by it. To me it rivals the Yamaha DGX 650 market, and I personally like the yammy keybed more. 

While the new screen is certainly an improvement, it could have been a tad bigger to me. All these manufacturers need to add an external monitor port.

I didn't crank it up, but the speaker system sounded fine.

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i love my new px560 (sure is easier on stage than my Tyros...plus my back isn't aching from the weight) BUT I want to turn the onboard speaker OFF when I'm live...they sound cheesy and cheap. Then again, I've always had an aversion to onboard speakers, at least these are kind of hidden. But I don't want to hear them when I'm rehearsing with a PA or on stage.

ive heard something about using the headphone output.

so how? 

Thanks in advance


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