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PX-3S and additional midi controller

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I just picked up a PX-3S.  I am very new to digital pianos so excuse me if this is an ognorant question.  I am wondering how I can best utilize an additional midi keyboard I have.  I have been using a Korg Triton LE as a midi controller into Reaper for a little while now.  Ideally I would like to use the PX-3S for its pianos and the Triton to handle/control some of the PX3-S's organs.  I am assuming this is somehow possible through some midi and zoning magic but I haven't a clue how to go about setting up such a configuration.  Can anyone point me in the right direction here?  Any input is appreciated.

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I'm not familiar with the PX-3. Only the PX-5.  Generally, for piano, you'll want to setup a zone where it does not send out via midi.  And for organ, you'll want to turn off the zone used for organ.  If you save that setup as a registration, it should recall the organ tone for midi use but the keys will not function for that zone.  Not 100% sure how the PX3 works in that regard, but the PX-5s would work on that way.  Page E-27 of the manual will help with zone setups.  And the 4 zones should correspond to midi channels 1-4.  Setup your Triton to control one of those channels, whichever zone the organ is on and you should be set. 

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