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  1. Hi, I'm trying to connect my Privia PX 110 to my laptop (Which is running Windows 10) via USB Midi cables. I purchased USB Midi in/out cables however my laptop does not recognize my keyboard as a device (I am using Audacity software). Any tips and/or cable recommendations would be awesome sauce! Thanks
  2. Is there a work around to use the computer and the VK-8M at the same time? I have a Privia PX-330. I can hook it up by USB to my computer, I can hook it up to my Roland VK-8M by MIDI cable. On start up the Privia chooses the USB connection and ignores the MIDI cable connection. To use my VK-8M I have to shut down/disconnect the computer connection before the Privia starts. Is there a work around, either from the keyboard or an external device, to use them both at the same time? I’d like to be able to use my software while also using the Roland.
  3. Just sharing some results from some experiments with the CT-S400, and using iPhone apps to externally control it via MIDI. (private video) First, thanks again to Jay C, Brad, and others for providing details on the Casio MIDI implementation elsewhere in the forum. Using those clues, I was able to get the CT-S400 to do some things via MIDI I didn’t expect. I’m not sure if this is old news or even of interest, but I wanted to document my findings in case anyone ever wants to do anything similar. The video demonstrates how I have an app called Zenbeats on an iPhone XR sequencing three separate tracks over different MIDI channels. Zenbeats is available on iOS, Android, and desktop and is a favorite of mine for quick work with virtual instruments and MIDI, and has a killer library of drum patterns. It’s like GarageBand, but with better MIDI support. I also used another iOS app, MIDI Wrench, and configured it to send program changes to different MIDI channels on the CT, based on the MIDI documentation in the CT-S400 user guide. At first, I was using Bluetooth MIDI with the Casio WU-BT10 adapter. Using the app BLE-MIDI, I was able to establish a reliable BT MIDI connection between the phone and the CT. By sending Program Changes over MIDI channel 10, I was able to load different drum kits. By sending Program Changes over MIDI channel 1, I was able to load different keyboard tones. Awesome. I soon abandoned the WU-BT10 when moving to the next phase, external sequencing. The data proved to be too much and the response from the CT was buffered and stuttered. So I switch to an Apple Lightning to USB camera adapter and a regular USB A to micro cable, connected to the Host port of the CT. Don’t bother to try a single Lightning to USB cable to the CT’s other USB port. Without an adapter in between, neither device sees itself as host, and the apps won’t find the CT. Use my method and apps will see CASIO USB MIDI as an interface. Using a wired connection resolved my data and sync issues. This, too, was awesome. With Zenbeats, I generated a drum loop and set the drum track to output to MIDI Channel 10. Success! With MIDI Wrench, I was able to select alternate drum kits. Back in Zenbeats, I added a new track configured to accept input over Channel 1. I ran the loop and set the track to record data input I played from the CT. Zenbeats recorded the notes. Then I used MIDI Wrench to change the CT instrument on channel 1 to a synth pad. When I changed the track to output to channel 1, the CT played the notes with its internal tone. I repeated for track 2 and MIDI channel 2, and that worked as well. I’m not sure if the limit is 4 tracks like the CT itself, or just polyphony. I’ll have to dig deeper. When I was done, I could play the three track sequence in Zenbeats, hear it all from the CT, and even play on top of it. I also noted that the song recorder of the CT does not record what is being externally sequenced, nor recognize MIDI Start/Stop. The key takeaway here is that this external MIDI stuff is being played on another layer, independent of the local CT itself: no recording, no reflection of any of this in the display. The CT will still respond, play, and record what you do on the keyboard itself, but it’s independent from the external MIDI actions. That’s all, I think, for now. I think the practical application of this is just a different kind of performance and flexibility, like another way to do the drums. It also demonstrates how the CT can be useful as a keyboard for some mobile apps. And it may turn out to be a way to do with the CT-S400 a little bit more than it can do on its own. BTW, I have to say that the CT-S400 turned out to be fantastic all on its own. This is my first Casiotone in decades. I have a number of them as well as CZs, and XW-P1, a PX-S3000. It’s possible I didn’t need to do any of this stuff with the 400, but I like to explore. You never know when it’ll be useful. But the CT-S400 is kind of a Casiotone dream come true for me. The sound, form factor, layers and splits, arps and harmonize, workflow… I just love this keyboard. I have a studio full of synths, drum machines, and software, but sometimes it’s more fun to kick back with something like this in another room. Very inspiring and lots of fun. More to come when I have time! Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
  4. I had to troubleshoot a problem for a friend who has a PX-5S and the solution got me curious about a feature that I'm not sure I understand. The friend in question is a bandleader I work for regularly. He's been impressed with the sound of the PX-5S since I got it to replace my (very heavy) Roland Fantom a couple of years ago, so when the Triton he uses for some gigs he does on his own died about 8 months ago he decided to replace it with a PX. I gave him a bunch of the sounds that I use and he's been very happy . . . with one exception. He plays a lot of church or otherwise religious gigs (funerals, etc.), and for these purposes he likes to use the Garritan Classic Pipe Organ that he runs in Aria Player on his laptop. A few months ago he told me that he was experiencing limited polyphony and occasional heavy distortion when using the PX-5S as a controller for the Garritan Organ. He also reported that this only occurs with the PX; one church he performs at has some kind of Kawai keyboard in house, and when he connects his laptop and interface to it he experiences no problems whatever. I was able to reproduce both problems using his PX, but I couldn't imagine why there would be any difference between the Casio and the Kawai. MIDI is MIDI, right? After googling around a bit, I read a couple of reports where users had resolved some strange MIDI issues by turning of the High Definition MIDI setting. I tried that, and it seemed to make some improvement. This made sense, if only because it would account for a difference in MIDI output between the Casio and the Kawai. But last week my friend called to say that he was still having the same issues and asked if I would take another look. I went through everything in his setup and couldn't find anything that would account for the problem, so I began looking at the PX more closely. Nothing in System Settings seemed relevant, but then I dug into the MIDI page of the Stage Settings, where I discovered the ability to turn MIDI on/off for each Zone (for both the MIDI out port as well as the USB port, which is what he uses to connect to his laptop). Long story short, it turns out that both of his problems are solved by turning off USB MIDI for all but one Zone. What was happening, I presume, is that each time a key was played on the Casio, the USB port was sending out 4 identical MIDI messages (one for each Zone). This explains why his polyphony was limited, and why he was hearing distortion (due to the cumulative effect of triggering 4 samples/note instead of 1). Once I made that change everything worked as expected, so I proceeded to make the same edit to every Stage Setting he uses while controlling the organ (sometimes he likes to layer certain PX sounds with the Pipe Organ). Assuming I've interpreted the results correctly, here are my questions: 1. Why would MIDI and USB outs be enabled for each Zone by default? Wouldn't this cause the same problem for any user who simply wants to control a single external MIDI device from their PX? Wouldn't it make more sense to enable MIDI and USB outs for Zone 1 only, and then let the user decide whether to activate any or all of the other 3? 2. And in that regard, what is accomplished sending separate MIDI per Zone? In other words, what is the intended purpose of the feature? The only thing I can imagine is that perhaps there is a way for the PX to send data to 4 different external MIDI destinations (just as it can send MIDI data internally to 4 different Zones). The idea, I guess, would be that you could connect the PX to another multitimbral module and trigger 4 different sounds, each layering one of the Zones in your PX (or perhaps using a Zone to play a sound from the external device that the PX doesn't have). The manual is a bit vague; is that the idea? Thanks. Just curious.
  5. I want to connect my keyboard to my laptop to be used as a MIDI controller in Max MSP. I got it second hand and no CD was with it. I've been searching for a driver download, but no luck. If you can provide me with a link to a driver download for the lk-90tv, that'd be great. I am running a Windows 8.1, 64 bit.
  6. Hello I saw a video from Jared Beaney of Casio Australia on youtube for AP-650&. at end of video Jared plays a backing track wav audio from a USB Stick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSC9Ygzg_VI&list=PL1fIySn8DGiry9W0JTWHhHF7mj3mDBSWe I have some wav audio tracks Ive generated with Band in A Box , I want to playback on AP-650. Can you please tell me where on the USB stick Jared stored his demo wav file , which folder. and what was your sequence of keys pressed on the AP-650 to play that particular file you demoed. For example, for Midi Files to playback ,I know you place in midis in the USB stick "play" folder , subfolder 'A" thru "D" thanks in advance for your assistance stephen Charlottesville , VA USA www.swingkats.com
  7. My cgp-700 does not display wav files I have saved to the usb. The usb is formatted and the wav files are in 16 bit and 44.1 kHz. But when I go to Media then Load only Registration and MIDI Recording Data are available. When I click on either I get an Error no files message. How can I save the wav format song from my usb to the piano so I can record an accompaniment? I want to be able to then save that original song along with the new accompaniment onto the usb. I can record and save to the usb just fine, but not load wav file songs from my computer. Can anyone help?
  8. I have a Casio CTK-720. I make beats on Fruity Loops Studio. Usually I would connect my keyboard to my Windows PC, and there would be no issue. It worked instantly. Now when I plug it up, my CPU does not recognize the Keyboard's hardware. I have downloaded the driver software from the Casio website, and it still does not recognizing it. This is very frustrating because it worked perfectly before. Please help.
  9. Hi all. I've been searching for the best keyboard that suits my needs. According to the the price and features it seems that the CT-X800 is the best option available for me. However, Im going to use it as a MIDI controller on Reaper (PC) besides of a regular keyboard, and this is the most important feature I need. I hardly found little info about this usage for this keyboard, and I want to make sure that it works right. I read something like "not all the 61 keys are functional for MIDI, only a third part of the keybed is functional for this", and now I have mixed feelings. I do need to make sure that I will be able to record MIDI playing the 61 keys as if I were just playing with the keyboard speakers. I appreciate your comments on this. Excuse my not perfect english.
  10. Hello, New on this forum. A few years back I bought the Casio Privia Px160, and I'm stunned by its quality. Much better than the Roland or Yamaha in that price range. I recently bought also a Yamaha reface CP. Now since the PX 160 only has USB Midi , is there a way to connect the PX160 to the Reface CP (which has DIN Midi), and use the Casio as a Master/Controller to play the Reface sounds on the Casio. If not, is there a solution? Appreciate the help.
  11. Hello, I am not a professional pianist but I would like to record my pieces. In many cases meanwhile i do recording i could press wrong key and as the result I need to press "record" button to save the file in USB and then delete it and start a new record. Is there any way to cancel recording without first saving into USB? Thx
  12. I have a brand new CDP-S350 and it won't mount my flash drives. They're both SanDisk (bought from a trustable seller), one 64GB, one 8GB. For the 64GB, I tried both exFAT and FAT32 (formatted on Windows 10, quick mode), the 8GB one is FAT32. Whenever I follow the procedure described on the userguide, it'll stuck forever on "Mounting..." What can I do to fix that? (Right now, I'm formatting the 64GB with exFAT on normal format to try it out).
  13. My Casio PX-780M periodically stops working over the USB MIDI connection to GarageBand running on a Mac Mini, and I have to reboot the keyboard to get it to reconnect. How can I keep it from disconnecting?
  14. Could someone help me out with how to best connect the Privia PX-5S to a Focusrite 4i4 to a mac? As far as I can see, looks like the lead that came with the Focusrite is the one that connects to a computer. So now I just need to connect the piano to the Focusrite. Am I right in thinking I can choose to do this either by midi cables or a usb cable? I REALLY wanted to set this up today but I only ordered one midi cable and from what I've read I would need 2, one from piano midi in to focusright midi out and one from focusrite midi in to piano midi out? But as I'm gonna have to order a new cable either way, I'm now wondering whether it might be better to order a usb cable instead? Looks like the Focusrite came with a USB C to USB A? Did it? I'm really not sure. Am I right in thinking I would need a USB A to USB B to put the A end in the computer and the B end in the piano? And then also connect the Focusrite to the computer with the cable it came with? So I just need a USB A to USB B cable? Is that right? That's the normal rectangular USB in the computer to the square one in the back of the piano? I also read that connecting a midi controller keyboard via USB means you can power it through that connection, thus removing the need for the keyboard's power cable? Is that true when you are using a Privia PX-5S as your midi keyboard or does that only work with small midi controller keyboards? Should I keep the power cable plugged in? ✨Thank you for any help!✨ Please assume no technological knowledge on my part with your reply! I have literally only ever used my piano as a piano and know pretty much nothing yet about audio interfaces, music production or cables. I will be so excited when I can actually set this up though! And Happy Easter!✨🥚🌼🐣🌸🐇🦋✨ 🌈
  15. Hello all, I've created an account and posted here after spending the last 6 hours searching Google and Microsoft with no success. I have a Casio CDP-220R and I was finally able to move it into my office where my Windows 10 PC is. I know in the past I briefly had it connected to a laptop running Windows XP (and possibly one running Windows 7) but for the life of me I can't get Windows 10 to recognize it. The error I'm getting is "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)", code 43. According to everything I've read, my Casio is GM Level 1 class compliant, so there are no drivers to download for it and it should just work. I've seen some discussions regarding USB 2.0 vs. 3.0 ports but I believe I only have 3.0 ports on my computer (at least my Device Manager only reports USB 3.0 hub controllers in the list). Everyone who posts this issue to Microsoft is told to reinstall or update the drivers (which of course does nothing because there are no drivers) or contact the manufacturer for updated drivers (which of course means nothing because class-compliant devices don't have any drivers at all). I have tried every USB port on my computer, tried different cables, no dice. I was wondering if anyone out there has had this problem with Windows 10 and knows of a workaround or solution? Thank you so much for your time, Clayton
  16. I am attempting to use a USB-type B cable to connect the 560 to a Mac for home use with GarageBand. I cannot get the device to recognize the keyboard. In searching Apple I found how to use the Test MIDI Setup button in the MIDI Studio toolbar. the process shows me that data is transmitting out but NOT in. Any help is appreciated.
  17. I have a CTK-3500, and am trying to send MIDI files to it. I called basic support, and they said they would have to get special software for it, but couldn't help me with recommendations for software. Does anyone know of MIDI file transfer software preferably compatible with Ubuntu 18.04, if not Windows 7? Thanks!
  18. hi hav a px 350 A can't save registreising file to USB when I treid , reid as in the dislay replace? why? and I answered yes to this, but I can't find that perhaps you can tell me step bay stel how I do? why reid the instrument relplace?
  19. Hey guys I have been wanting to expand my rig a bit and am having some issues. I am using a 2012 macbook pro running mac OS high sierra and using a usb cord to connect my px-5s to the macbook pro via usb 2.0 however my mac is not showing my px-5s at all. I have tried a few different things such as replacing my usb cord as it was a bit old and restarting my mac.I am also running the latest version of the px-5s firmware v1.13 I am still however having this same issue. It seems as if the two are not communicating at all. Is this a compatability issue? Am I doing something incorrectly? Would the midi in/out to usb be the way to fix this? Please help.
  20. I have just bought 3 of the Privia 350s to work from my choir room, my home, and a sanctuary. I want to record to the piano at my home and be able to use the usb port to transport the work from piano to piano. They are all the same model purchased at the same time. I can get a recording on the piano, use the sequencer tracks. I formatted the usb to FAT32. Then I did the formatting on the keyboard suggested by the manual. I used the audio recorder button and put it on Track 1. I saved as SMF files. When I removed the usb and plugged it into my computer, I can pull up and play the files. However, when I put it back into the piano...it says that there are no media files. HELP!
  21. I have a 128gb usb thumb drive that is formatted to fat32. I am trying to get it formatted by the piano but it isn't working. The manual says that when formatting begins the two l/f lamps begin to flash, but in my case they never flash. How do I format the drive by the piano?
  22. I left my AC adapter in another town this morning. Grasping at a straw, can the PX-5S be powered by its (rear) USB port?
  23. Dear all, does anyone knows how to navigate through sub directories? Can I create and navigate like a PC?
  24. Dear, my usb-midi interface of my px-560 is seen by windows device manager, but does not show in any software, hence I cannot configure it. I did a system update, an init, changed to linux but nothing helped to clear this. Any tips? My new behringer mixer has also usb-midi interface and that works fine in all software applications. So it is not my computer, but some with the px 560.....
  25. Hi, all, I just joined and already own a PX350 but am thinking of purchasing a 360 soon. I've downloaded the manual but can't seem to find the max size for the USB drive. Also is it USB 2.0 or 3.0? Any info will help. Pete Columbus, Oh
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